White Lebel

White labeling is available for registered entities. They must be a Futures Commission Merchants and regulated in their jurisdiction. They must be an existing financial institution permitted to accept funds on behalf of their clients. This is a perfect program for small banks or equity brokers.

Entities that are accepted as a White Label will be provided with a customized solution for their business. The trading platform as well as all correspondence will carry the company’s brand identity. White Labels can extend the companies product line by venturing into the forex market with a proven leader. While AFM remains a price maker and counterpart to every transaction, the White Label IB will take on back office responsibilities. Installation and access to our back office application will be provided.

AFM will work behind the scenes while giving the entity and its clients access to the Forex market. Just like AFM, White Labels will be expected to follow the highest standards in ethics and corporate responsibility.

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There will always be a representative available to help you. Whether you are new to the market and need assistance to get started or as an experienced trader needing to discuss the market, someone will assist you. Technical difficulties are made easy with our tech support personnel on the contact form