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We are all having one common goal in our every day’s life which is to make money in order to sustain our daily needs and wants. Those who have no money need money to survive and also those who have money still need more money to maintain their expensive lifestyle, then the question is; who doesn’t really need money, Since the poor and the rich are both chasing the same coin to maintain their typical egocentric needs? Today we will talk of few ways to make money online.

When you have nothing in life you then have nothing to lose, you will always make sure to turn every opportunity into a stepping stone to success, since you are reading this article it shows how much desirable and zealous you are to build your own legacy, you are not lost but very closer to fully acquire what you want, there are those who have made tons of money and also those who will make more money and also those who are currently making money now while you read this article;

You know why?

It is just because they have read and understood this article “WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE” and adopted few points to build their own territory.

There are so many individual and companies who made success using few of this tips below and are now making millions. To mention very few of successful online businesses, I am very sure you are familiar with the leaders and giants in online business, like Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Twitter, Forbes, Mashable , Google and many more. You wonder how they made it possible to their success and how they generate their reoccurring revenue.

With this article you will eventually have answers for the questions you had for the past years and you will be equipped to lead your own brand smoothly and successfully.

These companies that you see above have been founded by someone just like you, who was passionate about being successful one day; he was reading an article that motivated him and eventually decided to take a positive action, what is a positive action?, one might ask; It is any action that has a potential to make you achieve your goals in the short or long run.

You don’t always need Excellency or millions to be successful in life however you only need to be goal driven like all other successful online businesses. They have identified the gap in any market and analysed the demand and made the product available to all their clients, have they started with millions clients? Not at all, they have just started with only one client who was latter converted into millions clients and here they are today the world is celebrating them

In order to be successful in life you also need some creativeness, you have to think out of the box, and with a very peculiar idea, with or without any resources you can always be successful in any online business, do you not know that even if you don’t own a product, with a $ 00 amount you can still form a great successful business online,

How? One might ask;

you can still sell other people’s brands within your website, you will just need to charge you clients a price on top of what you have been already charged, when you clients make an order from your website, you then buy the product on their behalf which will be delivered to them and you will then benefit from theprice difference, those who know this type of business they call it “drop shipping” and there are many more online business one might ask without a cent.


  1. Open an online shop to sell electronics , clothes,  and other products
  2. Write a blog and put few Google AdSense advertisements
  3. Trade Forex with best brokers 
  4. Affiliate with best brands
  5. Join Google AdSense
  6. Create a directory website and charge businesses to be listed on it
  7. Create a niche website, whether lawyers, properties and charge them few dollars
  8. Be a domain Reseller
  9. Create and sell websites
  10. Open your own social media company

With this tips you may find yourself making $10 , $200, $ 300 , $1000 , $10000 within few months, but the secret is that you have to develop your business gradually and have to be patient while doing that, a wise man once said;

“Rome was not built in one day” so be patient and keep on laying one brick up everyday

All this tips can create revenue on their own, you need not to dig the ground for gold however you may turn your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop to be your online gold. I am hoping that this article will help others among you and one day they will share their own articles with us. Everyone is free to comment bellow and this was my own 2 cents story.

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