The USD is the currency code of the United States of America. The USD is the national currency  of America and the american economy has been so stable for many years and for this reason that the economy of America is stable, it is why the USD is currently dominating the whole world , some countries have even adopted it as their own and serves as the most widely accepted currency around the world.

The USD currency is being circulated in America and other countries, should you wish to visit America one of the good day’s, you will then have to ensure that you immediately exchange or sell your own currencies in order to get USD. The USD are in both coins and notes and the currency symbol is $.


Usd Notes and Coins
Usd Notes and Coins

The Zar or South African Rand

Zar is the Iso code of the Rand and for those who don’t know the Rand –  it is the South African national currency. The Rand is the official legal tender of South Africa. For the records, South Africa is the country bounded in the southern part of Africa and its neighboring countries are Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland.



Whenever you visit South Africa you will have to convert your own countries’ currencies into Rands ( Zar) because Rands are in circulation daily and everywhere in South Africa and other neighboring countries mentioned above. The Rand ( Zar ) is the legal tender between this neighboring countries and the currency is usually used as the form of payments everywhere in South Africa, you should always have some Rands (Zar) in your pocket when traveling through the streets of South Africa or else you will find it difficult to buy something to eat. The Rand is in both coins and notes and the countries symbol is R

South African Rands Notes and Coins
South African Rands

The Usd to Zar currency converting

Usdtozar, the USD in this instance is the Base currency and the Zar is the counter currency. The USD falls to the most important or significant group of currencies which are Major currencies and the Rand (Zar) falls into the less important or significant currencies which are minor currencies, the term major and minor says it all.

Convert usdtozar

The USD to Zar converter allows you to check the current exchange rate between the Dollars and Rands ( Zar) or Vice versa and also you may compare any currency of your choice using this free tool which is on the middle right sitebar of this page.

The Usd to Zar exchange rate

The exchange rate for these two currencies when compared against each other is currently sitting around 14.00 or 15.00 in the year 2018, this simplest explain shows how much you will be charged to buy 1 USD, you will be charged 14 or 15

How do people benefit from using a Usd to Zar currency fluctuation

For the past years, we have seen Banks, Investors, Small Financial Firms and others taking advantage on the price movements between the Rand and the Dollar, they buy less when the exchange rate is low and sell high when the exchange rate is high,


With this method they have benefited greatly on these movements, however this may not be so simple to individual traders since they don’t have huge amount of money, it can take them time to make small amounts however for those who have huge amounts they can eat with a silver spoon in the market.