to be successful is everyone dream


   Gone are those days where one would plant vegetables and fruits to sustain himself and his family. Life has become more expensive itself whether you are in the United Kingdom, South Africa or in any part of the world it has just turned expensive on its nature. Everyone is searching for a way to make money to put bread on the table and for those who have money they are protecting their wealth not to perish. This is the drive that makes people to wake up every morning in order to hassle, like lions in the jungle hunting for food we are as human’s, however we do that in a more decent ways.
There has been a huge downturn from ancient times till now concerning the economic fluctuations of the world, it seems as those who came first have mined the huge amount of gold and have left us with very little, so unfortunate we are, we are so forced to share that little in order to survive and the demand seems as it is more high and is exceeding supply, every country is having a high unemployment rate, high crime rate and others you can mention them.
I sometimes converse alone, shaking my head with shame, what will happen to our children and those who are coming after us, will they also blame us by saying we have mined everything, you see the economic direction of the world is taking its own direction no mater you like it or not you will never control it.
It is everyone’s dream to have a nice house and a nice car, a beautiful wife or a handsome husband; we aspired this from our childhood. We have always art these beautiful things about our life and created our own heaven in our minds, not me only but everyone you just have to admit it. Never had I heard anybody choosing the worse but we all run and pick the best, if it cost us we could even compete for it, we all picture ourselves in nice offices with a lavish computer in from of us, do we all end up in the office?  You tell me perhaps you might be having better answers.

For those who live in urban areas they know it very better, that everything in these busy and shiny street is money, surely you can’t sustain yourself with few pennies in your pocket, you have to push and push very harder, since to eat is money, to sleep is money, to walk is money including toilet is money, how many have paid for toilet? Please raise your hands up!
 I did pay for toilet a couple of times in South Africa however even in our homes we pay rates bills you do pay for toilet, but it is more written in decent words like waste water tariffs or sewer charges or bills, what more can we say;  only the hard workers counter these economic downturns and it is more like a game of survival of the strongest and the loses remain on bench with sharp pins while the strongest keep competing, unless your brace yourself and be strong you will never be counted in the game to win the challenge
Our dreams are driven by our zeal to success, we keep going never to stop, until we get what we aspired from our childhood we will never stop, we do not sacrifice for alternatives as the lion will never sacrifice for grass no matter how the economy is, we are non-apologetic, we are focused to accomplish what we started, we are tenacious, are a generation with visions. These are all that makes us wants to succeed.

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