Spreads and Margins
1 pip spreads in the main currency pairs*
AFM offers clients through its platform a differential and competitive spread from 1 pips spread in the main currency pairs. The main features of our high quality individual services, which render us unique within our sector, are: more competitive prices, Hedge Operations coverage, fixed spreads, instant and secure executions.AFM offers four types of accounts and here follow the Spreads for each of them.
Micro AccountMini AccountStandard AccountProfessional/Institutional AccountCurrency PairSpreadSpreadSpreadSpreadEUR/USD4 pips3 pips2 pips1 pipUSD/JPY4 pips3 pips2 pips1 pipUSD/CHF5 pips4 pips3 pips2 pipsGBP/USD5 pips4 pips3 pips2 pipsUSD/CAD6 pips5 pips4 pips3 pipsEUR/JPY5 pips4 pips3 pips2 pipsAUD/USD6 pips5 pips4 pips3 pipsNZD/USD6 pips5 pips4 pips3 pipsEUR/GBP4 pips3 pips2 pips1 pipNZD/JPY10 pips9 pips8 pips7 pipsGBP/AUD14 pips13 pips12 pips11 pipsEUR/CHF7 pips6 pips5 pips4 pipsEUR/CAD12 pips11 pips10 pips9 pipsEUR/AUD10 pips9 pips8 pips7 pipsGBP/JPY11 pips10 pips9 pips8 pipsGBP/CHF12 pips11 pips10 pips9 pipsCAD/JPY12 pips11 pips10 pips9 pipsCHF/JPY7 pips6 pips5 pips4 pipsAUD/CAD10 pips9 pips8 pips7 pipsAUD/JPY7 pips6 pips5 pips4 pipsAUD/NZD12 pips11 pips10 pips9 pipsEUR/NZD14 pips13 pips12 pips11 pipsAUD/CHF10 pips9 pips8 pips7 pipsEUR/DKK6 pips5 pips4 pips3 pipsUSD/HKD8 pips7 pips6 pips5 pipsCAD/CHF8 pips7 pips6 pips5 pipsExotic Currency PairGBP/CAD17 pips16 pips15 pips14 pipsGBP/NZD22 pips21 pips20 pips19 pips
Investing with a Margin
In the interbanking market, the minimum investment amounts are contracted by lots of 100,000 units of the established currency. In order for you to participate in the Currency Market, AFM offers our clients 100 to 1 leveraging (1% margin), which allows the client to operate with a lot of 100,000 monetary units with only a margin deposit of 1,000 monetary units.It is important to remember that 1,000 monetary units (in the case of a Mini Forex Account, it is 100 units), is the minimum requirement established for the investor to operate.
Benefits of the Margin
 Allows the client to gain large earnings. 
 Multiplying power of 100:1
 Allows the client to control and realize earnings of amounts 100 times greater than the amount invested.
 Account balance: If the guarantee margin cannot be covered, the open positions will be automatically closed. That is, you can never have a negative balance.