Live Forex real account Signup


Well, we may say; how to open a Forex real trading account is the second step after you have passed the first step of trading on a demo account. We all know that trading on a demo account is the preparation of participating on the real trading account and if not ready do not attempt to trade.

We may check two important aspects which might determine the success of your future while trading on a real account; the first one is; to analyse whether you were making profits or losses when trading on a demo account, the second one is; to pick the best strategy that was generating more profit for you during your demo trading and knowing about this might clearly predict your future on trading on real account and I am pretty sure that you will be likely to use the winning strategy rather than the losing one.​

Live Forex Trading Account​

A live Forex Trading Account is another popular word to refer to a Real Forex account. 

How much can I deposit to trade on a live Forex Trading Account?

With the live Forex trading account you will be required to deposit the minimum amount of at least $200 or more, this amount varies from brokers, some brokers might require you to deposit a little bit more of what we have just mentioned above however the main fact with this amount that you will be depositing is that it will be assigned to your live trading account so that you may be eligible to trade any market of your choice, the broker is taking nothing from your deposit however when you start to trade you may be charged spread.

What are the benefits of trading on a live Forex Trading account?

  • To get real or live trading opportunities
  • To understand the market in real time
  • To develop a long sustainable relationship with your broker
  • To learn the trading platforms in real time
  • To make real money

Which markets can I trade on a real Forex trading account?

These are some of the markets that you may trade on a live account;

  • Forex
  • Metals
  • Currencies
  • Commodities
  • CFD’S
  • Metals
  • Options
  • Stocks
  • And Many More

Which is the best Forex Broker to trade on a real account?

  • Trade with our most trusted broker of choice
  • 24 live support
  • Deal cancellation available
  • Trade anywhere you are
  • You may trade almost all markets
  • Trade many awards winning broker