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expert advisorTrading has been made easier and enjoyable! Thanks to Tradingview Expert Advisors.

In a soccer game you will probably usE soccer players to play the match. In the rugby game you will use rugby players and in the boxing challenge you will use boxers. The Foreign Exchange Market is robotic and robots have to be used in order to be successful

What are Expert Advisors?

Expert Advisors are programmed robots which uses algorithm to perform and perfect trades. They usually work on an MT4 platform to perform any task that you command them to do, they are invented to work in the Foreign Exchange Market, Stock Market or any other financial market.

What are the reasons for using Expert Advisors?

Expert advisors are developed to find opportunities for traders in the market; they are quick as equal to the market itself. The most crucial point about using them is that they can open trades and orders on the parameters you set on them, meaning they can automate every instruction. To summarize the matter short, “we can always say they are just soldiers ready for war”.

Expert advisors and strategies

Expert advisors works mostly if the trader has his own trading strategy, since they will never do anything until you command them; however others they come programmed to hunt success for traders. Expert Advisors they differ on the reason they were created for.

Below is a list of Tradingview expert advisors, check which one can work best for your strategy and grab yourself one, remember is is always good to make hay while the sun shines!

 Best wishes to all traders



This is a new revolutionary trading strategy to benefit mostly day traders. The strategy is aimed to generate as muchForex trading Robots profit for you depending on the lot size you will be using. This strategy may only be traded using an Expert Advisor or an (EA) and you may only trade currencies, no stocks nor indices. The Expert Advisor is capable of opening pending orders and trading positions on a specified time. We do not want to promise you heaven however the reviews by other traders will speak loud.


  • The strategy will work with every broker of your choice
  • The (EA) works on MT4 only
  • There Expert Advisor will work with every broker who allow the use of Expert Advisors
  • The Expert Advisor is eligible to work on both Demo and Real Account
  • The Expert advisor is made to trade currencies only
  • You set any time you want for the EA to open trades or orders for you


  • Strategy application and description on PDF
  • Expert Advisor (EA)
  • Instruction on how to install the Robot or EA

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