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The Bomb Strategy works just by opening two opposite orders which is the buy and the sell. The strategy is aimed for very few pips and you should close the position on one account which is on profit, if you are lucky the market will not even touch the second order, it will continue two run with one order and you will be flowing on profit only. Just read more to find out how does this precisely work.



Forex Traders “BOMB” Strategy

I would like to share very few of my Forex trading strategies with all Forex traders out there. I created them and regularly improve them every time I open my trades . I practical use them on live accounts and they just works perfect. These strategies may be used for trading different markets, Crypto- currencies, major and minor currencies however they should always be used with caution since we all know that Forex trading carries a huge risk of losing what you invested and thank you to tradingview for creating this awesome sharing platform.

Remember what works for me best might work less for you or even perfect sometimes and so on, so do not conclude what I am sharing with you as a guarantee way of making money. You may try it and if it works for you, then awesome! You have just earned a money making machine for free.

We call it a “Bomb Strategy”

We call it a “Bomb strategy”; yes I and my wife came up with this word since the encounter when using it is very unpredictable and can make you rich now or sometimes it can consume your investments. This strategy is for risk takers and those who want to accumulate great very quick. Remember “those who attempts great, achieve great” however do not risk what you cannot afford to lose, this is not a trading tip or an advise, am not a qualified financial advisor to tell you where to or not to invest your money.

It work like this, it was one of our trading day as usual, my wife decided to open a sell order and I decided to open a buy order in the same product, as reminded by my wife now as i am writing this article, we were trading Interest rate during that day….right. Surely the market had to pick one order; there are two directions only in the market- the up and the down, no left nor right, meaning the market had to pick only one order only, i guess you understand what i mean here.

OK, while waiting for the market to pick one order, my next step was to rush to the bathroom to bath so I could go to work. On the other side my wife accidental fell asleep while I instructed her to watch on the market behavior.

…………………..Do you know what happen next?…………….

The long order was opened and the position was gone and nowhere to be seen in my account, it bombed and stopped running because I already exceeded my margin and the other short order was opened and was making a huge profit for us.

Forex trading Lesson

We started trading this strategy, two orders and the market pick one order, few minutes later we make profit and should the market open both orders by accidental then the other one has to bomb on a loss mode and stop running while the other  one will continue to generate profit, however you have to close the open position quick as it advance to make profit and i am very sure it will be enough since this strategy works on very high leverage, you only need to aim for few pips than waiting the whole day.

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Finally – Take care and trade responsible, do not give up, this is your story and no actor gets out from his own story, success favors the hard workers and those willing to help others succeed.

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    The strategy works believe me.

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    The strategy works perfect

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