Crowd Funding Prices


Choose the perfect plan

Choose the perfect plan that is appropriate for your budget. Choosing may be hard however earnings shouldn’t be, the more months a campaign last then the more donations it will receives from the crowd funding members at Tradingview


Campaign may be set to last for 1 month


campaign may be set to last for 6 months


campaign may be set to last for a year

Frequently asked questions

Yes – A refund may be requested within 24 hours and after that no refunds may be made, reasons being: the project will be published live after 24 hours of payments.

We are using paypal and recently has created opportunities for users to choose from different methods of payments, so there is no need to worry with payments.

It usually takes approximately 24 hours for your project to be published after making necessary payments.

We do not limit anyone from owning many projects however you need to know that we charge per project.

It depends on the purpose of the campaign, you might need to get funds so quickly while others may prefer to hold on to make extra funds.