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At AFM we offer a safe and reliable online trading environment; it is our commitment to provide clients the most competitive trading conditions and an exclusive service. AFM offers transparency, fair execution and instant access to the Foreign Exchange Market. The best spreads are available to each and all of our clients. At AFM we always guarantee all your market orders.AFM does not take any position in the market, thus eliminating a conflict of interests with its clients. Market-maker brokers receive through their Trading Desk prices that on many occasions are not the most competitive; in other cases they must cover operations as counterparty of the client as the price requested by the client is not available at the banks with which the broker operates. As a result of this procedure, in many operations clients end up establishing market orders that only the broker can cover, thus generating a conflict of interests between the client’s transaction and the position taken by the broker. At AFM, prices are not subject to manipulation by a broker or by a bank’s Trading Desk. Implementation of our NO Dealing Desk business policy generates, as a result, the best buy and sells currency prices.Our company is engaged in improving its experience in the Foreign Exchange Market, providing the support and assistance that you must expect from an experienced company. Also we aim at enhancing our efficiency in both account opening and fund withdrawal requests. We account for a team of qualified professionals highly experienced in finance, market research and client assistance services who are available through Live ChatTelephone or E-mail to provide the highest service standards to clients.The best trading conditions have no value unless there is a reliable operations platform. We possess the most up-to-date online currency trading platform of the Forex market. Our technologically robust and easy-to-use software is a means for fast and safe transactions under the best market trading conditions.