Music is a message sent in the form of sound to all listeners and this message varies, it may be entertaining or sometimes is made for a religious purpose. Most of people love music and believes that every music type has its special meaning to people, others say it communicates directly to the soul, most people suggest that music has a strong influence after listening. Music is first written as lyrics or words then later is sung to entertain or inspire people. Music has driven the world to other direction.  Music is created with combination of people voices and other well designed instruments.

Music prices

All music prices differ from each but in most cases the prices of music are affordable and that is why most people has a collection of music CD, or downloads in their homes or listening devices. Most CD starts from $2 till upwards. Music with videos are bit expensive when compared to music without videos, the reason being artist are trying to get the cost of production back.

Music downloadable

You can now download music to use in your music device, it is now easy than ever to download music, you just visit the link below and click the type of music you like. You will be required to use your credit card or other source of payment that will be listed for your, within minutes you can have the music you want.

Elements of music

  • The Tempo
  • The Rhythm
  • The Melody
  • The Harmony
  • The Style
  • The Voice

Buy these music genres

  1. Alternative Rock
  2. Blues
  3. Broadway & Vocalists
  4. Children’s Music
  5. Christian
  6. Classic Rock
  7. Classical
  8. Comedy & Spoken Word
  9. Country
  10. Dance & Electronic
  11. Folk
  12. General Best Sellers
  13. Gospel
  14. Holiday & Wedding


Music is entertaining and inspiring; you can choose one or more music above the list. We are here to assist you get any music that you may want, should you not find the type of music you want don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form and we will make sure you eventually get your type of music.