The Meta trader trading platform was developed as a (Meta trade 4 or MT4) around the year 2005 and later was upgraded to (Meta Trader 5 or MT 5, however there were different versions of Meta Traders that was developed before this but we see this two  Meta Trading platforms being adopted by most Foreign Exchange Brokers to use them on their entire trading activities.

It is very profound that every software that are available in the world  are improved gradually or updated every time to make it better , more reliable and faster to accommodate our quick thoughts, the thoughts of humans are unlimited and are more faster than anything that we create or will ever be created, nothing will ever merge it even in the near future.


Foreign Echange Market

What is a meta trader platform?

Meta Trader is an electronic software designed specifically for the online exchange purpose between Forex Brokers and their clients. This Foreign exchange trading platform features live streaming prices and charts. This is a market commitment to allow Forex traders to open, close, modify and manage their online trading account so easily.


Most used Meta Traders


  • Mt 4
  • Mt 5

Most Foreign Exchange Brokerage uses their own licensed  or rented trading platforms like the Meta trader 4 or 5 and or Web- traders and others. Forex traders will have to select the Forex broker of their choice. Since  you have selected us , to trade one of the available markets being Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Forex , Metals , Futures and other important markets. 

As soon as you have opened and registered an account with us  you will then be issued with a meta trader Identification and password to use in your online trading account  or a demo account and from there you can have access to most Foreign Exchange live streaming’s products.

A Demo Account is one of the online practice accounts that is made available for Forex traders in order to learn more about the market product they are interested in  trading, Forex traders will be practicing on a live streaming and are issued with a certain amount to trade, the trading amount may range from $ 50 000 –  R100 000 or even more.


  • Market Orders
  • Pending Orders
  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit

Using a Meta Trader bring Forex traders closer to the Foreign Exchange Market information. Using a Meta trader allows you to monitor all your trades online and you may facilitate trading using different devices like Laptops, smart phones, Tablets and other personal computers. For more of the Meta trader terms used you may read more here