Money Managers


money managers

AFM has the perfect services tailored for today’s money manager. Commodity Trading Advisors and Commodity Pool Operators can manage accounts in a comfortable and professional environment. Our trading software is compatible for the management of multiple accounts, whether trading accounts individually or pooled funds.

With our trading system, money managers will not have to worry about account allocation or redistribution problems. Multiple accounts can be traded simultaneously. The trading platform has support for automatic trading signals and other sophisticated trading strategies. Money managers experience full account management and reporting features. Reporting is done in real-time for both the manager and his or her clients. Serving clients is made simple with AFM.

AFM gives money managers the flexibility to structure their commissions and fees. Compensation can be structured on a pip or cash basis. A percentage fee of net gains is also a popular option. Money managers should choose AFM as their service provider. 

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There will always be a representative available to help you. Whether you are new to the market and need assistance to get started or as an experienced trader needing to discuss the market, someone will assist you. Technical difficulties are made easy with our tech support personnel contact form