mini Forex account

Mini Forex Account
The Mini forex account is designed for customers who want to invest in foreign currencies and exotic financial products. This is a great advantage for customers who want to participate in the Forex Market; the value of the pip is larger and allows more profits than with a Micro FX account.

$ 300 To open the account 
Low Spreads from 2 pips 
No commissions 
Leverage: up to 500:1 / 20 USD per lot
10K lot size

Effectiveness, for opening accounts as well in requests for withdrawal of funds. The funds can be deposited in your account by bank transfer, credit card or via PayPal.
Open a Mini Forex account
Apply for an account now, open a trading account with AFM. The process is simple, account applications may be sent by fax or electronically (online application). If you require assistance or have any doubts, please contact our representatives. The easiest and fastest way to open an account with AFM is electronically whereby you can complete the application in just a few minutes.