Individual clients may access the high potential benefit of the Forex market, thus leaving their account administration in the hands of expert professionals. Managed accounts possess the advantage of being handled by professional managers widely acknowledged within this industry.

A managed Forex account gives investors who may not observe the market round-the-clock the chance of participating in the Forex trading market. A managed Forex account is ideal for investors who prefer that their money is managed by professionals.

Forex market asset diversification, not tied to the stock market. 

  • A good alternative to low-yield bonds and instruments such as the money market and deposit certificates. 
  • Professional management of Forex accounts. 
  • Use of the latest technology to predict the market, thus increasing dramatically the percentage of portfolio profits. 
  • Ability to use leveraging to obtain a higher yield. 
  • Profit potential in both bull and bear markets.
  • Account access in real time plus monthly reports. 
  • Asset liquidity – you may withdraw money monthly without paying commissions or penalties.
  • The management program operates only with the most liquid currencies including US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar.

For us to manage your account we charge a once of R 1 200 which is about $ 80. You get this service:

  1. Concrete Forex Tips and Advice
  2. 24 hour support
  3. Link to our preferred registered Financial Firm
  4. We manage your account and our commission is 4 % from your profit on a quarterly basis
  5. Please send us a proof of payments to this email address

If you are interested in learning how a managed Forex fund may influence favorably your global portfolio or, if you are looking for an alternative to shares, please contact us to obtain further details. Our Commercial Department will answer your inquiry immediately.

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