Introducing Broker

Financial Advisers/ Introducing Broker (IB) 

Our Introducing Broker program is ideal for serious individuals or companies who would like to either spread their knowledge of the forex market to their existing clients or contacts or provide a value added service. Introducing Brokers do not have to manage or trade any client funds. Those who which to do so have to comply with more extensive requirements. Our program is divided into two different levels to better fit your business model. 

  • Institutional Broker 
  • Online Service Provider 

Institutional Broker (Advisers/IB) 

The Institutional Broker is a serious business whose major source of income comes from offering forex products and services. These participants must offer a value added service. This will not only help differentiate the company from the competition but will provide the customer an incentive for signing up through the IB. Account opening and all administrative duties are still handled by AFM as well as customer service and tech support. Institutional brokers must have an existing trading account so that they can provide further assistance to the customer based on their experience.

Based on the number of clients and trading volume, a successful Institutional Broker will be very well compensated. By teaming up with AFM, an Introducing Broker can be confident in that they will be part of a strong partnership aimed at providing excellent service in the forex market. Institutional Brokers can offer their clients access to AFM high-quality forex platform and trading expertise. AFM will provide strong back office support where the IB will always have access to track its progress.

Most of our IBs start by facilitating the account opening and funding process for clients. Clients look for IBs they can trust and have confidence in. 

Online Service Provider 

The Online Service Provider will be a professional who wishes to market our services. This is ideal for an existing website owner who wishes to link to us or provide access to demo accounts and live account applications. The site must fit our profile and be in the same or similar industry. By becoming an online service provider, useful content can be provided to post for your online visitors.

Contact Us 

There will always be a representative available to help you. Whether you are new to the market and need assistance to get started or as an experienced trader needing to discuss the market, someone will assist you. Technical difficulties are made easy with our tech support personnel on the contact form.