How to register a company in an easy way?

Starting your own business can be very expensive and challenging especially if you don’t know how to do it yourself. With so much experience in helping new small and large business to be founded I have also decided to help you achieve your goal to be an entrepreneur. I have helped so many businesses to start up from scratch till to the top without charging them much, this is because I like to help develop people around my circle

It is almost every African national’s ambition to form their own limited company within the borders of South Africa.  The economy of South Africa is very large as compared to other African countries. This information will help you achieve those dreams of registering your own limited company in a simple, readable and understandable way.


There are two methods of registering your limited company, the first one is to register your limited company online and the second one is to register your limited company by visiting the CIPC offices. However we will now concentrate on the first one which is to register online.  These steps will lead you till you obtain your new company certificate. 

There is only one institution that can help you register your company however others prefer to use an agent who will still use this CIPC as an institution, so to avoid unnecessarily cost you should do it by yourself online. 


CIPC (Companies and intellectual property Commission) is the name of the registrar and they deal specifically with company registration, registering trademarks, copyright, patent and design.


  • Private Company
  • Public Company
  • Non Profit Organisation
  • Personal Liability Company
  • State Owned Company


Visit the website on this address

Block F

77 Meintjies Street



The Call Center number is: 086 100 2472


Click on the online transaction button on the top left, you will then lend to another page to progress

1. How to open a customer account?

Click on the customer registration button at the top left side; try to complete all this details as requested from you.  You will be required to provide your identity numbers and surname first and when done you will have to complete the following details underneath;

  • Select your country
  • Provide Cell phone numbers
  • Provide Email address
  • Provide telephone or fax number if you have, if you don’t then it is not a problem
  • Provide Physical address
  • Select Province
  • Provide Postal address
  • Click Register
  • You have created your account now, you can then logout and go to the proceeding step


Deposit an amount of R200, the R50 will be used for the name reservation and another remaining balance of R 150 will be used to register your company.

    Here are the banking details to deposit funds:

Bank                           ABSA

Account number      4055 68 1017

Branch Name           Van der Walt Street

Customer Code        Use it as your reference

On completing the deposit process, within few hours or days your online account will be credited, you should always keep on checking if they have eventually credited your account

Visit the website again and use the customer code that you have previously created, put the password that you have created also, the page will open with action information.

3. How to transact required name?

On the action page, click on Transact button which will take you to another page

4.How to propose a name?

On the new page click on Propose name button

5. How to reserve a name?

Think of any name(s) that you think will be suitable for your new company?

Reserve your name by completing 4 proposed names.

On completing the names you should then click submit button, your account will be automatically debited with an amount of R50 and a confirmation email will be sent to you telling you that your application for a proposed name has been received, you should wait for few days for them to choose one name from those 4 names that you have submitted.

6.How does the process works on registrar’s ends?

Wait for the name to be approved ……….the registrar is still busy checking the uniqueness of the name that you submitted. You should always bear in mind that you can’t be given a name that is owned or is identically to other companies; the name should be very unique, in most cases they will approve the first name of those 4 names that you have submitted.

Should they find any uniqueness with any other company they will then jump to name numbered 2 to verify commonness, paradoxically, If not satisfied with the second name then they will jump to the third and so on until they find the suitable one.

7. Within an interlude of days

You will get an email with an approved name and other required information to complete the process. All this means that your company is capable of owning that name should you complete the process.

8.Based on the email

That was sent to you, they will request you to send them the following documents to complete the process;

  1. Certified Identity document(s) of Directors
  2. Copy of an approved name page they have sent it to you on step number 9
  3. You should Sign these forms that they have sent them to you

All these documents should be sent back to them and within few days not more than 3 days you will received the last email coming from the registrar with your company’s certificate and other memorandum of association documents. Print out the certificate in colour.

Congratulations you now have your new company certificate; you can start to operate your limited company

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