How to make money with adsense?

google adsnse

Since you have taken the step to search on ways of “how to be wealthy” you are not very far from being wealthy. There are many individual who aspired to be wealthy and some of them took  life commitment decisions but eventual have never achieved their goals however there are also many of them who made success because they took right path to understanding what are the fundamental  principles of being wealthy. If you want to be wealthy you have to work towards that and you are very lucky you found someone to lead you along the process.

Today we are going to reveal one best way that you may use to create your wealth and this way should not be taken not for granted since many small companies and individual have made huge amount of income using it and they are still  generating a lot of earnings  even today. Do you know how enjoyable is to sleep while you know that your past hard work is busy generating profit for you.



Def:  it is the high paying introduced program by the giant Google whereby publishers are paid by placing advertisements in their websites, the theory behind this is that Google get paid by publishers or should we say by different companies willing to promote their products. Don’t get confused with these words; Google Ad-sense and Google Ad-word, with Ad-sense program people can earn income while with Ad-word program people pay to advertise.

Why are most South Africans not participating in google Ad Sense?

There is a high rate of South Africans not participating in programs like this, with a high unemployment rate I would advise people to participate in order to make money, this program can make you very rich within a year since is paying better than many programs.

All these are the results of the previous government, people we restricted and denied to so many opportunities and information but thanks to the new democratic country, people are starting to participate. Irrespective of the past destruction that were inhumane to all disadvantaged people, we are uplifting and promoting  this program with an aim of to creating opportunities; this is a call for all South African individual and companies to consider using this program.



Register a domain name

Think of any name that you want your business to have, if you find one then buy the domain name with godaddy. I will advise that you use a .com domain extension since it is having a universal extension than limiting yourself with local domain extension, but it is very easy to rank for some crucial keywords in your country with a local domain than a universal one.

Create a stunning website

When having a domain name you should create yourself a stunning website or hire someone to do it for you. Preferable if you have enough money use the professional to design the website for you. When having that stunning website you should at least write at least 30 pages articles in order to be approved with Google AdSense program, however this is not one of the pre -requirements or what will guarantee you to qualify but with a website with lot of content you will stand a good chance to be approved with Google AdSense and there are also many factors that they consider to approve an account, some of those factors are known and some are unknown while others are anticipated.

Write a blog

If you are able to do this you can write blogs or short articles and make sure that your blogs are written in a way that human can read and understand, this will increase your page views and people will stay longer to your blogs, never buy auto generated content. This is one of the mistakes that people make, they think machines are better than human, how can you understand better a machines than your peer?

Things to check before you may apply with Google Ad Sense

  1. You should have a clear contact page with your contact that is on domain “who’s information”
  2. Write 30 pages quality content at least
  3. Privacy policy should be included
  4. About us pages should specify who you are
  5. Check you Google analytic to guide you about your page views
  6. At least apply when you have 200 page views per day, then you will surely have clicks, what’s it to get approved when you have no people to click on those advertisements.
  7. Apply when your website is about 6 or more months
  8. Remove all colours in your content, unless you are writing your content for children at kinder car teen
  9. Read requirements here to get exactly what is required or to expand our knowledge.

How much money can you make with google Ad Sense?

This will always depend of how much you are getting per click, the hire Google charge for advertisers in a specific keyword then the better you will earn and also the more clicks you have in a particular page then the more you will earn, here is one of the motivator who earns good with Ad Sense, he is earning about $20 000 with a website of 18 months old. Last time I checked Google was getting about 60 – 70% while publishers get the remaining share of 40 – 30%, with an ad of $10 you may score yourself $4 on every click you may have however this will always differ based on keywords and other information

Who can participate in Google ad-sense?

Google Ad Sense program is open to everyone, no restrictions, anyone can apply to participate. However with every program there are always rules to be adhered to in order not to violate them.

How to apply for Google Ad-Sense program?

It is very easy, if you are comfortable and think you are ready to apply, but remember to clean yourself according to the requirements stated, we always encourage you not to rush to avoid rejection, making money in life needs a bit of hard work, it also needs patient, you can sometimes start to make few USD in your eleven month depending on your website and traffic. Do you get threatened by these words? You don’t have to be scared, I’m just preparing you to get approved so easily and perhaps one day you will thank me for my two cents. With some preparation and effort you will eventually make money like others.

How long do Google Ad-Sense reply?

With my application they replied me in less than two weeks and I heard some got replied within 3 days, others within 3 weeks, so I don’t know the exact answer to give you, just apply and wait to be answered, remember to be patient they will always answer you.


Can you get banned by Google Ad Sense?

Yes you can if you violate the given rules; however this is what we heard since we ourselves are always playing by the rules. Rules are rules and they are meant not to be broken, if you are told not to click at your own ads then you have to abide by that and failure will get you penalized or banned. Here you will find those rules, it is advisable to read them thoroughly before you can even apply.

SEO Ranking do count in Ad Sense

The traffic you are having in your website will always determine how much you will be earning, with less traffic then you have fewer clicks. So it is very best to work on your S.E.O rankings in and other social medias in order to create traffic to your website. The more traffic you have in your pages then the more clicks you will have, it is most advisable to also remain active on social medial like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter.


The more work and effort you put to your website then the more you will earn in future, it is very advisable to try your best before you apply to Ad Sense and remember that your income will fluctuate over time. Your income in the year 2017 will not be the same with your income in the year 2018. I heard many people who are earning so much with the program and so to me Google AdSense is the reliable way of making money I can recommend to everyone than other affiliates program. I had other few accounts with affiliate programs but my effort was undermined, they were no conversions and there was so many complications that forced me  gave up but today my hope with Google AdSense is regain and I am a happy man again.