How much money can I make as an entrepreneur?

There are many types of businesses that are out there, how much money you can make depends on the choice and viability of the business you have. Every business differs from the other and the profit you make depends on your creativeness and the effort you put to the business. You should always have a goal and a drive; you should know where you want to see your business in few years, if you find the answer then that is where your success lies. Since we are mentoring you we can advise you that you should take a closer look to these types of business:

  • Online shop
  • Affiliate programs
  • Domain and website Re seller programs
  • Blogging
  • Writing articles for others

Avoiding negative forces as an entrepreneur

Most people will never understand what you are doing, you know why? It is not them who carry the vision. The vision is given to one person only not to a team to share.  People will talk, criticize, they will always talk more of your vision encouraging you to drop it. As an entrepreneur you need no support from anybody unless he is willing to do so. You are blindfolded to your destiny, you leave no stone not turned until you find what you want and you do not stop till you are done. When your enemies throw stones at you, you grab those stones to build your success. I have never seen dogs bucking at a no moving vehicle but when the car moves they start to buck, if you see people talking too much and nonstop you must know that your car is moving and eventually you will reach your destiny. As an entrepreneur you must never give up, no matter what, seek ways to improve your failures, when you get punched in the boxing it does not mean you lost the battle but it is part of the game.

Powers you have as entrepreneurs

  • You are unique
  • You are talented
  • You are powerful beyond measure
  • You are strong and unbreakable
  • You are a leader by nature
  • You are unapologetic


As an entrepreneur you should start your business in panache, your business should succeed first in your mind and it will manifest in real life. Never in your life fail before starting and when you start something must you make sure that you finished it or you hold on to the end. But in all this it’s up to you as an entrepreneur to quit or carry on, but should you quit someone will claim your tittle, you are a victor and a self-made millionaire.