frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of assistance offers AFM to his clients?
Permanent assistance is available to clients 24 hours a day through our specialized staff, trained to assist clients in all their requirements.Commercial Department services are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
How can I trade on currencies online with AFM?
We have the most up-to-date online currency trading platform in the Forex market. Our easy-to-use technologically-robust software is an avenue for quick and secure transactions with the market’s best negotiating terms, which allow to operate through our Desktop Trading Platform.
What are your commissions?
AFM is a market maker, our income comes from spreads and we DO NOT need to charge transaction commissions or fees to traders.
Is AFM a regulated forex broker?
Yes. AFM S.A is regulated as financial intermediary without bank status by the Swiss Federal Department of Finance (SFDF), subject to Swiss federal law, Fed. Reg. No.: CH-660-0001006-8-AFM complies fully with the directives issued by these organizations and is subject to Swiss law and to all of the applicable financial regulations.Swiss Fed. Reg. No.: CH-660-0001006-8AFM Group, Advanced Financial Markets, is formed by AFM S.A. Switzerland and AFM Ltd. BVI. AFM is a regulated company in the world. AFM Ltd. is licensed as stockbroker to trade Futures, Securities, Raw Materials, Forex and Options. This firm is registered as a Trading Member under number: 1486394.AFM Ltd. is the subsidiary of AFM Group, present in Europe and America. AFM Ltd. aims at offering market investors a wide range of financial products including: CFDs, Indexes, Forex, Options and Commodities under the best trading conditions. We offer investors around the world excellent trading conditions, with no fees or commissions and customized assistance.
How do I withdraw funds from my account?
In our web site you will find the Withdrawal Form, which must be completed and returned to AFM. After receiving proceed to send funds through bank transfer.
In what way does an operative account differ from a demo account?
The only difference is that the operative account uses your own money and the demo account is fictitious.All of the rest is exactly the same, so that you don’t run into surprises when you make your deposit. In both the operative account and in the demo account, you will experiment with the same prices, the same spreads and the same performance.
Why should I invest with AFM?
AFM’s objective is to offer our clients the best access to the currency market. Our platform combines excellent performance with all of the tools necessary for the market analyst. This way, our clients receive the most competitive spreads, low margins, all of the tools and resources necessary to focus on obtaining benefit from their transactions.
How do I open a real account?
Click here and follow the directions.
How do I open a free demonstration account on the AFM’s platform?
Click here and follow the directions. The demo accounts have a term of 30 days.
What are AFM’s hours of operation?
It is possible to trade currencies 24 hours a day.