Forex , Stocks and Index Charts

Tradingview provides you with flexible graphical charts which may easily help Forex and Stock Market traders to analyse the markets. We support almost every currency pair and other stock market pairs in real time. Traders may easily adjust to any pair they would like to view and also they may download and print it.


Charts are very helpful in analysing the movements of the market and also gauging the price.  There are traders who can be very good in trading charts just by looking at them than trading fundamentals. We present to you this simple to use charts and maybe suitable for both professionals and newbies traders.



There are few popular types of trader’s charts,


  • Candlestick charts,
  • Line charts,  
  • Bar charts




In conclusion, it is very crucial to understand the charts and charts will always remain one of the important tools for every trader. Most traders start to make profit on their trades ones they understand or master charts. It is advisable to more knowledge about charts, learning about few of them will increase your trading abilities.