how to invest in forex


Def:  investment is giving or lending out your money intentionally to other individuals or organizations with an expectation of getting profit in return, your money may be calculated with a fixed percentage over months or years, sometimes this percentage may not be fixed but may be flexible over time. This is an easy method where you can expect your money to accumulate over a specified time frame or period. Investment may be in two time frame forms:

  • Short term Forex investment
  • Long term Forex investment

Investing in Forex is simple like saying you’re lending your currencies and hoping to get interest at the letter stage, since the Forex market is very huge you are exposed in choosing different currencies to invest in, you may invest in any country you think is appropriate for you, I am very sure that at this point in time you understand that every company differs from one another and also every countries interest rate differs from one another so your return also will be assigned to your investment choice you have made, e.g. If I decide to invest with company A and you decide to invest with company D then our return in investment may completely differ and even if we invest in the same company we may get different returns influenced by the time frame we chose.

Is Investing in Forex is profitable?

Having a Forex investment objective is a huge step one can take, as I pointed earlier that investing in a Forex market is a very excellent way to make more profit. However, it is such important to be really knowledgeable in order to get the best out of your expenditure. With the high level of understanding in Forex investments you may generate yourself more money in a specified time. If you want to make success in the Forex investment market you must always take this advice into consideration:

  • You should have a clear Forex investment decision with realistic expectations.
  • You should diversify all of your forex investments methods; Investing in one market is very unsafe.
  • With those new in the Forex investment market, they should always understand that success takes a little while before it can rapidly manifest.
  • “Wisdom and tolerance” are of critical significance and go always hand-in-hand when you are investing in the Forex market. You will not need to be a genius to win in the Forex market, but you always do need to be well knowledgeable.​

Way to protect your Forex investment

There are lots of ways you may protect your funds when investing in Forex market. Instead of wasting and jeopardizing your hard acquired money. Forex investment may be a first step in accumulating more funds, you will learn of those ways as we proceed.

​Who are investors?

On the other hand Forex Investors are corporations or individuals that are willing or want to lend an amount of money, usually a large amount, and keep it on the market for a while to profit from a long term trend. They always passionate on growing their money, but they also want a very safe investments. They are not gamblers. They usually have large amounts of available funds so they can afford to leave their money on the market for months and sometimes even many years that ranges for (2-5 years and more)

Who can invest in Forex?

Any Individual or a company who is having money to invest and are having high expectation of getting profit in future.

  • Safe place where you can invest your money
  • Investment in local and foreign Currencies
  • Investment in your own business
  • Investment in existing business
  • Investment in land and properties
  • Investments in shares

Where can I invest?

Choosing the right company is an excellent choice to make, you should always check first whether the company you want to put your money with is registered in their country financial juristic. I always recommend that you invest your money with registered banks of South Africa like:

  1. Absa
  2. Standard Bank
  3. First National Bank
  4. Nedbank
  5. Capitec

There are a lot of companies to invest with but you have to do a thoroughly research of which one will work for you, and remember not to be corned by non-registered companies, there are those people waiting every day to rob people their hard earned money. If you are not sure where to invest you money you may chose the companies we have listed for you above, surely your money will be safe.


There are a lot of people who have made their success out of investments, some of those people need no full time employment because they benefit greatly with their investments. It is always advisable to “make hay while the sun shines”