there are three attributes that make a profitable trader at tradingview.

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An old Forex Trading Strategy which fabricated some successful traders.

Economic Calander

Live economic events are a very crucial tool for a trader, with this you may easily understand how important is the event you may like to trade, you may easily view previous , forecasts and actual of events for different countries.

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Trading Strategy

Most traders lose money while trading, however we do not promise to change that because that is the nature of the market, however we have written few information that may change your perspectives about the market.

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Recommended Brokers

Choosing the right broker plays about 35 % in everyone’s success and also choosing the wrong one may waste efforts, that is why we have carefully selected few best brokers which may contribute to your success.

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Forex Charts

Study thoroughly the movements of trades using graphs; we have included graphs for Forex or currencies, crypto currencies, stocks, indices and commodities. Explore the Major and minor currencies, EUR, USD , JPY, GBP, CAD , SWISS FRANC and other currencies.

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Forex Education

Learn to trade for profit, knowledge is the pre step to success especially in the Foreign exchange markets. Get our ebook to learn more about this 24 hour live market. This is the book not to be missed which highlights most technical and fundamental trading for both expects and newbies.

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Forex community

Forex Trading Community

It is not easy to trade alone especially if you are a newbie however we at tradingview have a large number of community traders who have experience and knowledge about trading, speaking to them might add few to what you already know and also you may freely contribute your ideas.

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