For those who do not know what cyber-crime is? Cyber-crime is any criminal activity that is committed through the use of network of computers. Cyber-crime is mostly initiated by computer experts who aim to rob people their financial belongings and they usually aim to harm and destroy other people’s reputation.

Since this crime is done by experts it then leaves those without computer knowledge and information vulnerable and victims of these illegal acts.
Who are Cyber Criminals?
Cyber-criminals are those individual or syndicates that commit these illegal acts over the internet. This type of crime is usually done online or through computer internet usage and this is the only place where you will be introduced to these criminals and their criminal acts.
Banking is the most targets by cyber criminals

As you know that wherever there is money that’s where there are a majority of criminals. Stupid people will always seek easy money, meaning they will always hunt for money they didn’t work for or which they did not generate it by using legit ways.  Huge financial transactions are done through online banking and this has been a target for cyber criminals.Cyber criminals use different methods to corn people their hard earned money and as people start to be alerted about their acts they then develop other new strategies, however the banks and the government institutions of different states have now made online security very tight for these criminals to operate.

When you are online, you have to be sure to disclose important information to people that you know very well, more advisable you should not provide your  personal and financial information to anybody online. So don’t be the next victim of these online scams, they always use tricky ideas for you to allow them access to your personal information.
A typical example, they can pretend as they are your bank, sending you an email, messages, and other modes telling you that there is someone trying to access your bank account, they will send you the well-designed application for you to complete details on it, they make sure to persuade you to confirm it wasn’t you who was trying to access your account by using your credentials and once you complete your details in their application then they got you were you are short , they then start to dance on your bank account as they like. 

Cyber criminals uses many psychological tactics to trick people, so you should always be alert and cautious every time you go online.
Which electronically devices are a target for cyber criminals?
We can say almost any device that might take you to the internet is likely to be a good target for cyber criminals, like these ones;

  • Desktop users
  • Cell Phone users
  • Tablets users
  • Smart Phone users
  • Laptops

Where to report cyber-crime?
To all the victims of cyber-crimes you should always report this instance to your local banks since this case is concerning your banking issues and like any other unlawful acts you may also report it to your local investigation authority. Your authorities are already aware about this cyber — terrorism taking place; they have been warned by technology experts for a couple of times.

Computers are created by people and what is it that is impossible for people to hack computers? So this makes it our future threat and we don’t know who the next victim is and if there is one, how much will he be corned?
I am very sure you heard of lots of trending news and reports about cyber-crime and the criminals are likely not to be found since everything is concluded online, however we are hoping for the best in future, so that people’s money may remain safe all the times.

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