Currency of countries are any objects which may or have obtained the buying and selling power from people and can be used to acquire what was offered for sale. Currencies of countries serve as the medium of exchange for obtaining products. They usually circulate from one person to another in the digital or physical world. We can categories currencies into two forms, being;

  • Physical Currencies – This class of currencies have a physical and tangible appearance to people, they can be physical exchanged from one person to another, and the issuer and the receiver have a personal contact. With this class of currencies the buying and selling power was given to banknotes and coins but since technology plays an integral part of our daily lives you will see currencies evolving themselves online into;

  • Digital Currencies – This is the computer or online money, very popular known as (crypto – currencies) they have no physical appearance to people and are non-tangible, and the issuer and the receiver have no personal contact, due to the wisdom and creativeness of people, there are always new method developments for exchange between (money) and products. This class of currencies have inherited themselves different names, which is their online appearance.



Physical Currencies are born within every country, meaning that every country has its own currencies to use. Physical currencies are always circulated within their country of birth. The monetary policy of every country is the one who will determine the use and value of physical currencies. Most countries honor their government leadership by printing their image in every printed currency.


Thanks to technology, both physical and digital currencies can be traded against each other. Most market participants trade currencies to make profit; they hold them for a couple of time, months or years and then sell them latter to make profit. Market participants always take advantage of the weakest economy or currencies. They usually buy currencies on a larger quantities and sell they latter which is always be beneficiary.

There are thousands of digital currencies or crypto currencies online, as well as we have thousands of physical currencies, however since we are business minded and focused we are going to talk most about currencies which are doing very well in the market and also those which  are promising to do good in the future,



  • Digital Bitcoin                  
  • Digital – Ripple
  • Digital – Ethereum
  • Digital – Litecoin
  • Digital – Stellar
  • Digital – Nem
  • Digital – Peer Coin
  • Digital – Dodge Coin
  • Digital – Monero
  • Digital – Pot Coin
  • Digital – Nubits
  • Digital – Bitcoin Cash
  • Digital – Petro


  • Physical – United States Dollar
  • Physical – South African Rand
  • Physical – Euro
  • Physical – Canadian Dollar
  • Physical – British Pound
  • Physical – Australian Dollar
  • Physical – Swiss Franc
  • Physical – Japanese Yen
  • Physical – New Zealand Dollar
  • Physical – Chinese Yuan