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 I write this page dedicated it to all South African traders and others around the world to know better the company they will be raining or trading with. I have chosen to write and review five Forex brokers; the first one is Easy Markets formally known as Easy Forex.  It is a very wise idea to trade with a broker whom you understand better, brokers who have experience and expertise in their field. This will also help you to grow with a company that is reliable, who has been in the industry for the long time unlike trading or  investing your huge amounts to companies which are here today and tomorrow are gone in a place where nowhere to find them.  Trading or training with a well-known and trusted company may work to your advantage. Forex trading if applied correctly might benefit you greatly.


​​ Name of company :                               Easy MarketsPrevious name :                                    Easy forex                                             Registrations:                                        CySEC, License Number 079/07)Contacts:                                               Europe                                                              PO BOX 53742                                                                                                    Limassol 3317                                                                                                    Cyprus
Websites:                                                                                       www.easy-forex.comFounded:                                                                                       2001Services:                                                                                        Trade CFD’s,                                                                                                       Forex                                                                                                       Metals,                                                                                                       Energy commodities,                                                                                                       Agriculture commodities,                                                                                                       Indices and OptionsTrading platform:                                                                            Web trader and MT4, MT5

Best Broker 
It is an online Forex Trading broker formally known as Easy-Forex. Was registered and founded in 2001 in Cyprus. People are given about 300 markets to trade from, markets like Forex, Indices, Agricultural commodities, Energy commodities and options. In the year 2013 they were awarded with best Forex Broker and best customer service provider and also Investors most trusted broker. In 2015 they were awarded with global banking and finance review award.

Forex Affiliate

We encourage more traders to review and comment about Easy –Forex broker below. Do you advice other traders to use the broker or not. We have different experiences with the same product we use.

Forex Training Schools

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There is always a huge demand for a Forex Training schools everywhere; the reason for this is that the Forex market is the huge market in the world and is always growing vigorously.  Many people around the world are looking forward to learn more about this amazing market. Since Forex learning is crucial to others then it is an opportunity for you to start your own Forex Training school or business. There are lots of those Forex gurus out there who have made their success out of their Forex training schools. They have started long time ago mining here but thought it has been their secret of making money. Since our main focus is to develop other people we are the fore willing to share this secret with you, perhaps you may develop yourselves greatly.

Forex Training Books

Most people google every day for different types of Forex training books and E Books to boost their knowledge with Forex trading or starting their own school in order to find a solutions about breaking the Forex market.  People want some ideas to build their future in Forex trading, There are those creative and beneficiary books you may also like to read in order to build your Forex training school successfully like this E book , so getting one of those books may add more knowledge and value to what you already have.

Forex Trading

Most people prefer Forex trading while others like me enjoy the benefit of being an affiliate or a broker’s partner; I will explain myself later why I prefer being an affiliate than a Forex trader.  However our today’s topic is more based on Forex trading school. Most of Forex Traders trade currencies, indices, agricultural and energy commodities to make profit, they sometimes go long sometimes short, and others are day traders and the aim is one which is: ( to break the market and make profit).

Forex trading can make you great  and sometimes it can break you a lot, it is not a field of babies, you must know exactly what you are doing before you can make it in this field, or else you will find yourself losing a lot of money when hoping to generate more. Forex trading is not like gambling where you predict your bets or the direction of the market. That is why in most Forex trading and Forex training  websites, specifically in the footers column most broker’s states clearly and boldly that Forex trading is not suitable for everyone,

“ Do not use what you cannot afford to lose” they states. However in this article we will try to give some strong points and low points about how people make money in Forex trading, opening trades may not be the only way to make money, you sometimes need to use your brains to make money than using money to make money. Money alone will never buy you success even if it does it will buy you short term success, you need to be a hard worker, and you need to be an innovative and a critical thinker always willing to think out of the box.  Here is another golden way Forex traders make money.

Get yourself a place to operate your Forex training school.

Get yourself a place to conduct your business; preferably you can get an office and a training class where you will train your people. If you like you may put a landline or a call Center to persuade and communicate with your clients on a regular basis. Furnish it with a computer, chairs and tables; remember you may start very small, every business start very small; you will never be successful in one day, if you need miracles it is better to go to school of magic.

In some countries you may register your training school as any other business and you should always pay the necessary taxes required by your states. Make it legit and compliant with any regulations associated with the type of business you are starting, remember you will be rich very soon and the media will be after you and if the media is after you then what will happen next?


When you are done with your place try to advertise your business, you can call as many people as you can for the training. Here you will use any media that will call more people for you, you may use Facebook, twitter, google Ad-words and others, I personal advice and recommend that you should start to advertise in your country or locally using a newspaper to call people.

People wants to make money in Forex, some want to build their career in Forex but their challenge is one which is lack of knowledge or training, perhaps with the few skills and knowledge you have you might help someone out there. People will respond to anything they feel it will help them, people will be coming to your place and will be willing to pay for the service you provide to them. You must always be creative and use anything you have to generate profit.

Personal skills you should have before starting your training school

It is very important to develop yourself before you can develop other people or the nation. You need to read a lot of Forex trading books, especial this one, it will teach you all the basics you may like to know about Forex trading. You may also go to any Forex training school to acquire more knowledge, if you are finding some difficulty with books. However if you want to make everything quick and easy you may hire a Forex training tutor to train people for you, you may even host events in your rented place or any other place,

I mean you invite a Forex trading speaker or a Forex tutor on a daily purposes and also invite people to listen to that speaker, you should charge those people a certain amount just to attend the class. With this you will calculate the cost of venue and other expenses and put it aside, the remaining you share it with the speaker, sometimes the Forex training speaker might charge you an upfront payment, so it’s up to you to balance everything until you make profit.


Charge a registration fee- here you can set a price for everyone coming to your Forex training school, it should not scare people away but should always be reasonable and accommodating.

Opening trading accounts – When you have done training with your people, you should always help those open accounts, with this that’s where the big fishes are! First you should have an affiliate account with a registered Forex Trading broker or you should have a website like www.Forexafrica.co.za, put your website with referral links, then when opening the accounts for them you should use your referral links in order to benefit from the broker, every time when those people trade with the broker of your choice then you will also get commission like CPA, lot rebates etc.

Create a winning Forex Trading team

You see, you have now made it, through your knowledge and your skills you have created plenty of Forex traders, so now you have to create a team and your team should win, you should feed them with a winning strategy, remember they are with you with expectation and anticipating of making success. So your task will be to groom them, feed them with Forex trading opportunities.

Brainstorm with your team

Communication is very important to any field, specifically in any place where there are two or more people involved. You should always motivate your team to talk about the encounters they have with Forex trading


Eventual you will make money if you have understand this ways of starting your Forex training school or business. We have given you this not for fun or for the love of talking  but to prove and unfold the secret of fat cats in  Forex, some have made their success not from trading only but also from their schools, check for yourselves how much other Forex training schools charge, some charge something like $1000 – $10 000 for training you the basics only.



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If you hear this word “ Forex Trading” from the mouth of many people you should probably grasp that you are in the surroundings of South Africa. Most people are looking for ways to create their own fortune with Forex trading South Africa, this motivations comes after the inspiration erupted from many young South African who are posting their lavish and glamorous lifestyle in different social media like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and others. All this limelight self made stars mostly claim that they made their success out of Forex trading but this claim may be questionable sometimes since the Forex experts themselves are claiming  that about 5% of people is the only number of participants who make it in the Forex Market and the rest of 90 % their money goes to the drain while the remaining 5% they are still holding on to open positions on their trading account.


The different between other countries and South Africa is that in South Africa this business of Forex trading or should we say a “get rich quick scheme” is not regulated at all, especially the online trading is prohibited by all means and is also discouraged by the government entities. The few known places that can regulate Forex trading are countries like Cyprus, United Kingdom and others while in South Africa people are only taking their chances by trading online with other overseas brokers like FXCM, FOREX.COM and Easy- Forex .


Rev Wayne nkele born and bred in South Africa. He is only 22 years old but has made South Africa very proud. It is believed that he is trading currencies and also he has written some motivational articles and he is the mastermind behind the Forex Robot (Armageddon) . He is believed to be a multi-million Rand youngest star that has also came up with (PIP COIN) the digital currency. He is having a large number of followers on Facebook and Instagram. His website is http://iamrefwayne.com

Sandile Shezi  a very humble young Forex trading South African Icon, at the age of 23 years he has accumulated wealth for himself. He is believed to be a multi-million Rand self-made. He is the owner of global Forex institute and his success comes after being motivated by George van der riet. These are South African heroes and they still continue to help other   newbies traders to understand better the Forex market by providing them with other Forex trading winning strategies


Most of South African youth are beginning to trade and some of them have made it to the top while others they didn’t, but this statement is understood because not all business are successful, others succeed while others fail, so it is in the Forex Market,  however some people have hid themselves under the name Forex trading while pushing their deceitful business of selling illegal drugs and other illegal substances, others are pushing their Ponzi schemes and money laundering business  while others charge for training people the basic of Forex trading.

For those who do not know what exactly Forex Trading is, we will briefly explain it as the financial term used in the Foreign exchange market implying the exchange of currencies or the trading of different currencies for a profit. In the market, currencies are traded in pairs, it can be a USD against the South African Rand, people make profit when they have open a trade position anticipating whether their currency of their choice will appreciate or depreciate, if they have predicted correctly they then make profit out of that but if they have predicted incorrectly they then suffer a loss.

South Africa has now recognized the few opportunities and possibilities of being successful in the Forex market. Most of private colleges are now providing the basic Forex trading courses due to the huge demand that has been evolved. Since the currency trading is so volatile people have adopted to use Forex trading robots and other strategies in order to dominate the market, most people who have been in network marketing businesses has also started to jump in the market and they have contributed to an increase at the number of Forex market participants for the past 5 years.

Forex Advice

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  1. Advice for newbies whether they should trade or not
  2. An Advice whether is Forex trading a career or not?
  3. An Advice of how much money you should have in order to trade successful
  4. Forex Trading should be treated as a business
  5. Advice on choosing the right broker
  6. Advice to remember with Forex Trading

Should I trade or not trade? This is one of the questions that newbies ask themselves whether to trade Forex or not. In truth no one wants to lose his money and that is why you find most people searching for the right place to invest their money and again you might be asking yourself whether you are in the right place to build your career with Forex. Today we are going to share few that we know about Forex Trading and we hope that these few advice might provide better answers for your questions.
To answer your question whether to trade or not it depends on you since Forex trading demand its own character from people. Forex trading needs people with patience, it needs hard working people, it needs enough funds to maintain the balance in terms of stop loss because if your funds cannot reach the right place to stop then you are risking your money, if you don’t have enough funds do not attempt to trade and if you do – then you will be testing waters otherwise. Forex trading demands your time and you need few basic Forex training skills to understand the market and you must always have a vision in order to be successful.
There are those people who go to school to learn about trading and some they just trade without going to any school, meaning this second group of people they learn from experience and in most cases they learn in the hard way and the first group is very carefully to do what is right and what they understand better. There is another group of people who learn the basic of Forex trading online or through Forex ebooks . What can we conclude with this? Is Forex Trading a career?, yes it is a career and you can get a good qualification that can open doors for you in the Foreign Exchange Market or with some other many Forex brokers that are available across the world and your qualification may work anywhere in finance and also it may be utilized to trade.
Most Forex Brokers require people to have at least $ 100 in order to start trading or open trading accounts with them; this $ 100 will be reflected to your account upon registration. Since we are here to provide you with better advice we find this amount a bit impossible to make success in Forex trading.
We have mentioned it before that at least you need funds that will cover you for many pips to your stop loss, then your money will be protected but with this you will be pushed to use a loan or leverage and this might destroy you completely out, however this is a good amount for testing waters in the market and it can need an experienced person to generate something out of this amount.
An individual need about $ 400 – 1500 in order to start trading but the advice is that you should only put this amount of money to your account once you have proper knowledge and understanding about Forex Trading and if you don’t have knowledge or unsure you should try to use a Forex Trading Demo account for practice purposes, you will be awarded about $50 000 to use in order to practice.
First of all Forex trading or trading of currencies has been around long time, you may trace it back from ancient times. Forex trading should be treated as any other business, meaning you should have a clear picture of what you want to archive, you should know which Forex trading strategy you will use to achieve your goals and you should have a bit of knowledge and available funds to trade. All business have challenges that they face, they need their directors to face them and come up with ideas of how to make their business successful.
Forex traders need to choose the registered Forex broker and if possible they should utilize the local broker whom they know very well about its history and method of operation, however you may still use international Forex Brokers but you should find out more about them whether they could serve you best.
You should check things like how much is their spread, check the reviews from other brokers, check the method of withdrawals and deposit whether they accommodate you and also you should check their support involvement and the trading platforms they use. Choosing the right broker is very crucial because you will trust them with your money.
People should always be advised and remember that Forex Trading is not an investment. With Forex Trading there are no guarantees that you will get your money back however trading with caution and knowledge may increase the chances of getting your money back and profit. If you are looking for a place to invest try to invest with investment firms or your local Banks they could serve best.
In order to be a successful trader you should find more information about these useful tools which most successful traders used towards their success building.

  • Forex trading Robots
  • Forex trading signals
  • Economic Calendar
  • Demo Forex Account
  • Live trading account


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For those who do not know what cyber-crime is? Cyber-crime is any criminal activity that is committed through the use of network of computers. Cyber-crime is mostly initiated by computer experts who aim to rob people their financial belongings and they usually aim to harm and destroy other people’s reputation.

Since this crime is done by experts it then leaves those without computer knowledge and information vulnerable and victims of these illegal acts.
Who are Cyber Criminals?
Cyber-criminals are those individual or syndicates that commit these illegal acts over the internet. This type of crime is usually done online or through computer internet usage and this is the only place where you will be introduced to these criminals and their criminal acts.
Banking is the most targets by cyber criminals

As you know that wherever there is money that’s where there are a majority of criminals. Stupid people will always seek easy money, meaning they will always hunt for money they didn’t work for or which they did not generate it by using legit ways.  Huge financial transactions are done through online banking and this has been a target for cyber criminals.Cyber criminals use different methods to corn people their hard earned money and as people start to be alerted about their acts they then develop other new strategies, however the banks and the government institutions of different states have now made online security very tight for these criminals to operate.

When you are online, you have to be sure to disclose important information to people that you know very well, more advisable you should not provide your  personal and financial information to anybody online. So don’t be the next victim of these online scams, they always use tricky ideas for you to allow them access to your personal information.
A typical example, they can pretend as they are your bank, sending you an email, messages, and other modes telling you that there is someone trying to access your bank account, they will send you the well-designed application for you to complete details on it, they make sure to persuade you to confirm it wasn’t you who was trying to access your account by using your credentials and once you complete your details in their application then they got you were you are short , they then start to dance on your bank account as they like. 

Cyber criminals uses many psychological tactics to trick people, so you should always be alert and cautious every time you go online.
Which electronically devices are a target for cyber criminals?
We can say almost any device that might take you to the internet is likely to be a good target for cyber criminals, like these ones;

  • Desktop users
  • Cell Phone users
  • Tablets users
  • Smart Phone users
  • Laptops

Where to report cyber-crime?
To all the victims of cyber-crimes you should always report this instance to your local banks since this case is concerning your banking issues and like any other unlawful acts you may also report it to your local investigation authority. Your authorities are already aware about this cyber — terrorism taking place; they have been warned by technology experts for a couple of times.

Computers are created by people and what is it that is impossible for people to hack computers? So this makes it our future threat and we don’t know who the next victim is and if there is one, how much will he be corned?
I am very sure you heard of lots of trending news and reports about cyber-crime and the criminals are likely not to be found since everything is concluded online, however we are hoping for the best in future, so that people’s money may remain safe all the times.


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The world of face to face and door to door business seems as it has come to an end now and making money is trough diverting your-self to few online businesses. Customers are no much interested in going shop to shop on a daily basis to buy required staff, unless if they are looking for daily needs like groceries and cosmetics.

 Many people from low class earners to high class groups prefer shopping electronics, clothing and other important staff online as oppose to before where only high class earners were the only who would afford to shop online.
What can we say with these transitions? Will the physical shops close down because of these? We can’t quickly conclude in that way, however we can anticipate that those businesses have started experiencing huge decline in their sales.
 Having a good and stable business is most people’s dreams, having it will grow you financially and make life a bit better, instead of eating the cheap potato you will now go for a bit expensive one and it will always makes life very easy than to hassle working for other people, having your online business helps you to build your own legacy than helping other people grow their own, however starting an online business is not for everyone, but for those who possess entrepreneurial skills.

The world is heading to the world of genius or educated, how can you read if not taught? Since the world is being transited to online business, things will get more difficult especially for those who didn’t go to school or in simple it will be very difficult for those who can’t read. We all know that everything is online these days, friends are made online, goods are bought online, you will get a doctor online, a lawyer online and so on, you can name it all but the life of people is now online and what you will buy might quickly be delivered right next to your door within few hours or the day.
Uneducated people are most computer illiterate since computers are operated with commands rather than the real physical touch. People use the network of computers to transact the online world. Since everything and every business are relocating online, where does this leave the real physical shops? In few years, if we are still alive by the grace of God you will see no shop around in physic. Gone are those days where people moved around with cash to buy.
These are few easy online businesses one can start to generate money online. Some of these businesses if well-built  they can generate more revenue in the short and long run and most of them they need no much experience , skills and education, with few understanding of using internet they can be set up so easily.

  1. Electronic Shop
  2. Clothing Shop
  3. Vehicle and parts sales store
  4. Real Estate store
  5. Directory Sites
  6. Domain Sales Store
  7. Affiliate Store
  8. Niche Stores
  9. Book Shops
  10. Music Shops
  11. Sport stores
  12. News website
  13. Social media Website
  14. Blog
  15. Information Website

There are many shops that one might build online and also there are many people who are enjoying and who have been financial stable ever since they founded them.  Some of this shops you can notice on your own that they require no much capital, with few cents you have you may build one. It is much advisable for everyone who will choose one of this business ideas to make sure that he conduct a thoroughly research before he can start investing his time, money and energy.


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to be successful is everyone dream


   Gone are those days where one would plant vegetables and fruits to sustain himself and his family. Life has become more expensive itself whether you are in the United Kingdom, South Africa or in any part of the world it has just turned expensive on its nature. Everyone is searching for a way to make money to put bread on the table and for those who have money they are protecting their wealth not to perish. This is the drive that makes people to wake up every morning in order to hassle, like lions in the jungle hunting for food we are as human’s, however we do that in a more decent ways.
There has been a huge downturn from ancient times till now concerning the economic fluctuations of the world, it seems as those who came first have mined the huge amount of gold and have left us with very little, so unfortunate we are, we are so forced to share that little in order to survive and the demand seems as it is more high and is exceeding supply, every country is having a high unemployment rate, high crime rate and others you can mention them.
I sometimes converse alone, shaking my head with shame, what will happen to our children and those who are coming after us, will they also blame us by saying we have mined everything, you see the economic direction of the world is taking its own direction no mater you like it or not you will never control it.
It is everyone’s dream to have a nice house and a nice car, a beautiful wife or a handsome husband; we aspired this from our childhood. We have always art these beautiful things about our life and created our own heaven in our minds, not me only but everyone you just have to admit it. Never had I heard anybody choosing the worse but we all run and pick the best, if it cost us we could even compete for it, we all picture ourselves in nice offices with a lavish computer in from of us, do we all end up in the office?  You tell me perhaps you might be having better answers.

For those who live in urban areas they know it very better, that everything in these busy and shiny street is money, surely you can’t sustain yourself with few pennies in your pocket, you have to push and push very harder, since to eat is money, to sleep is money, to walk is money including toilet is money, how many have paid for toilet? Please raise your hands up!
 I did pay for toilet a couple of times in South Africa however even in our homes we pay rates bills you do pay for toilet, but it is more written in decent words like waste water tariffs or sewer charges or bills, what more can we say;  only the hard workers counter these economic downturns and it is more like a game of survival of the strongest and the loses remain on bench with sharp pins while the strongest keep competing, unless your brace yourself and be strong you will never be counted in the game to win the challenge
Our dreams are driven by our zeal to success, we keep going never to stop, until we get what we aspired from our childhood we will never stop, we do not sacrifice for alternatives as the lion will never sacrifice for grass no matter how the economy is, we are non-apologetic, we are focused to accomplish what we started, we are tenacious, are a generation with visions. These are all that makes us wants to succeed.

How to register a company in an easy way?

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Starting your own business can be very expensive and challenging especially if you don’t know how to do it yourself. With so much experience in helping new small and large business to be founded I have also decided to help you achieve your goal to be an entrepreneur. I have helped so many businesses to start up from scratch till to the top without charging them much, this is because I like to help develop people around my circle

It is almost every African national’s ambition to form their own limited company within the borders of South Africa.  The economy of South Africa is very large as compared to other African countries. This information will help you achieve those dreams of registering your own limited company in a simple, readable and understandable way.


There are two methods of registering your limited company, the first one is to register your limited company online and the second one is to register your limited company by visiting the CIPC offices. However we will now concentrate on the first one which is to register online.  These steps will lead you till you obtain your new company certificate. 

There is only one institution that can help you register your company however others prefer to use an agent who will still use this CIPC as an institution, so to avoid unnecessarily cost you should do it by yourself online. 


CIPC (Companies and intellectual property Commission) is the name of the registrar and they deal specifically with company registration, registering trademarks, copyright, patent and design.


  • Private Company
  • Public Company
  • Non Profit Organisation
  • Personal Liability Company
  • State Owned Company


Visit the website on this address www.cipc.co.za

Block F

77 Meintjies Street



The Call Center number is: 086 100 2472


Click on the online transaction button on the top left, you will then lend to another page to progress

1. How to open a customer account?

Click on the customer registration button at the top left side; try to complete all this details as requested from you.  You will be required to provide your identity numbers and surname first and when done you will have to complete the following details underneath;

  • Select your country
  • Provide Cell phone numbers
  • Provide Email address
  • Provide telephone or fax number if you have, if you don’t then it is not a problem
  • Provide Physical address
  • Select Province
  • Provide Postal address
  • Click Register
  • You have created your account now, you can then logout and go to the proceeding step


Deposit an amount of R200, the R50 will be used for the name reservation and another remaining balance of R 150 will be used to register your company.

    Here are the banking details to deposit funds:

Bank                           ABSA

Account number      4055 68 1017

Branch Name           Van der Walt Street

Customer Code        Use it as your reference

On completing the deposit process, within few hours or days your online account will be credited, you should always keep on checking if they have eventually credited your account

Visit the website again and use the customer code that you have previously created, put the password that you have created also, the page will open with action information.

3. How to transact required name?

On the action page, click on Transact button which will take you to another page

4.How to propose a name?

On the new page click on Propose name button

5. How to reserve a name?

Think of any name(s) that you think will be suitable for your new company?

Reserve your name by completing 4 proposed names.

On completing the names you should then click submit button, your account will be automatically debited with an amount of R50 and a confirmation email will be sent to you telling you that your application for a proposed name has been received, you should wait for few days for them to choose one name from those 4 names that you have submitted.

6.How does the process works on registrar’s ends?

Wait for the name to be approved ……….the registrar is still busy checking the uniqueness of the name that you submitted. You should always bear in mind that you can’t be given a name that is owned or is identically to other companies; the name should be very unique, in most cases they will approve the first name of those 4 names that you have submitted.

Should they find any uniqueness with any other company they will then jump to name numbered 2 to verify commonness, paradoxically, If not satisfied with the second name then they will jump to the third and so on until they find the suitable one.

7. Within an interlude of days

You will get an email with an approved name and other required information to complete the process. All this means that your company is capable of owning that name should you complete the process.

8.Based on the email

That was sent to you, they will request you to send them the following documents to complete the process;

  1. Certified Identity document(s) of Directors
  2. Copy of an approved name page they have sent it to you on step number 9
  3. You should Sign these forms that they have sent them to you

All these documents should be sent back to them and within few days not more than 3 days you will received the last email coming from the registrar with your company’s certificate and other memorandum of association documents. Print out the certificate in colour.

Congratulations you now have your new company certificate; you can start to operate your limited company


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We are all having one common goal in our every day’s life which is to make money in order to sustain our daily needs and wants. Those who have no money need money to survive and also those who have money still need more money to maintain their expensive lifestyle, then the question is; who doesn’t really need money, Since the poor and the rich are both chasing the same coin to maintain their typical egocentric needs? Today we will talk of few ways to make money online.

When you have nothing in life you then have nothing to lose, you will always make sure to turn every opportunity into a stepping stone to success, since you are reading this article it shows how much desirable and zealous you are to build your own legacy, you are not lost but very closer to fully acquire what you want, there are those who have made tons of money and also those who will make more money and also those who are currently making money now while you read this article;

You know why?

It is just because they have read and understood this article “WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE” and adopted few points to build their own territory.

There are so many individual and companies who made success using few of this tips below and are now making millions. To mention very few of successful online businesses, I am very sure you are familiar with the leaders and giants in online business, like Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Twitter, Forbes, Mashable , Google and many more. You wonder how they made it possible to their success and how they generate their reoccurring revenue.

With this article you will eventually have answers for the questions you had for the past years and you will be equipped to lead your own brand smoothly and successfully.

These companies that you see above have been founded by someone just like you, who was passionate about being successful one day; he was reading an article that motivated him and eventually decided to take a positive action, what is a positive action?, one might ask; It is any action that has a potential to make you achieve your goals in the short or long run.

You don’t always need Excellency or millions to be successful in life however you only need to be goal driven like all other successful online businesses. They have identified the gap in any market and analysed the demand and made the product available to all their clients, have they started with millions clients? Not at all, they have just started with only one client who was latter converted into millions clients and here they are today the world is celebrating them

In order to be successful in life you also need some creativeness, you have to think out of the box, and with a very peculiar idea, with or without any resources you can always be successful in any online business, do you not know that even if you don’t own a product, with a $ 00 amount you can still form a great successful business online,

How? One might ask;

you can still sell other people’s brands within your website, you will just need to charge you clients a price on top of what you have been already charged, when you clients make an order from your website, you then buy the product on their behalf which will be delivered to them and you will then benefit from theprice difference, those who know this type of business they call it “drop shipping” and there are many more online business one might ask without a cent.


  1. Open an online shop to sell electronics , clothes,  and other products
  2. Write a blog and put few Google AdSense advertisements
  3. Trade Forex with best brokers 
  4. Affiliate with best brands
  5. Join Google AdSense
  6. Create a directory website and charge businesses to be listed on it
  7. Create a niche website, whether lawyers, properties and charge them few dollars
  8. Be a domain Reseller
  9. Create and sell websites
  10. Open your own social media company

With this tips you may find yourself making $10 , $200, $ 300 , $1000 , $10000 within few months, but the secret is that you have to develop your business gradually and have to be patient while doing that, a wise man once said;

“Rome was not built in one day” so be patient and keep on laying one brick up everyday

All this tips can create revenue on their own, you need not to dig the ground for gold however you may turn your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop to be your online gold. I am hoping that this article will help others among you and one day they will share their own articles with us. Everyone is free to comment bellow and this was my own 2 cents story.

To live like a king

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Ut ac tortor eget nibh condimentum congue. In facilisis porttitor iaculis. Etiam vestibulum, nisl nec molestie egestas, velit lorem venenatis tellus, pellentesque blandit nulla sapien accumsan velit. Vivamus purus nunc, dictum nec elit viverra, semper iaculis risus.

Most hearts of human beings are always in search of pleasure, in biblical perspective this pleasure is found in God who is the completeness of happiness, and however in our earthly point of view we are compulsive to material things and each one of us usually strive to find this happiness in his own distinct ways.

Most people define happiness as the gain eventually acquired and this is what you have aspired to accomplish from your childhood, which may have been;

  • The best education,
  • The expensive clothes,
  • The power
  • Luxury houses and cars
  • A fat bank account
  • Expensive marriage

And others that you may think of, on achieving these attributes of happiness, you will start to feel as if you are living like a king, having money is like having a magic stick in your hands, being wealthy is what most of people desire, however not all people achieve these. How many people aspired to have a good life?

—–But eventually they almost find themselves in humbly spots and with items they didn’t choose—

If life was going in the way we want it to go, definitely everyone would never care of others, all of us would have what we want, there would be no reason to care for others however life humbles a certain syndicate when others are lifted up, can we all be teachers within one classroom? Not at all, there should also be learners to balance the process of nature.

Everyone has a picture of whom he will be in the future, although that picture is not so clear in our thoughts but deep down from our conscious we all know that we will achieve all our ambitions, it can be now at a blink of an eye or latter but the main fact is that we will eventually achieve some of what we aspired.

This said picture is usually achievable, but only those who are passionate, committed, zealous and willing to make the best with the little they have, a day given by God my creator to me it’s another chance given unto me to be the absolute person I can be.

As a passionate writer, I observed the life of humans, I didn’t commit myself to be with them in order to learn about them but I stood steps back to watch every move they make. I concluded that to LIVE LIKE A KING one has to work for, he should brace himself with focus to his intent.

Not to be successful is a choice and also to be successful is a choice one makes, this is not excusable and is non-apologetic. Through my study about these amazing creatures which are humans, I have seen these;

  • The gardener becoming the president of the country,
  • The security guard becoming a CEO of the security company,
  • A needy man becoming a judge of the country,

was all this by accident, not at all, everyone who is right now at his throne has a sad story to tell us, success does not favor the lazy however hard workers conquer the world and eventually they live like kings.

In order to live like a king one needs a bold gigantic heart and the road to the palace is determined by how much pressure you put through all your work, in simple meaning , this is said like this;

whatever which is accomplished by people on earth are the pure results of their effort that they have invested long time ago, every step that a person take today will definitely prophesy or determine his future, you might have forgotten of what you have done in he past few years but whatever that you are having today you have to view it as the results of what you did previously, in the past few years.

I like to stand different on this saying;

“life drives you wherever it wants to destine you”,

you see now,

I believe that you only destine yourself wherever you want to be in life.

Those who attempt great things in life will eventually achieve great and also those who attempts little things will eventual achieve little. Every person sets his own standards and those are the one that separate the best person from the worst.

I am not so sure what most people do with their lives, should I knew I should have listed them here but what I know is that there is no wise man who will get out of his own story,

You are the perfect character of what you are doing, do it with love and a smile

If you aspire to live like a king, you should always ensure that whatever that you start in life should be completed. What was the moral of starting if you were not going to finish? , you see,

when you have nothing in life you have nothing to lose.

Show me someone; from his character, attitude, perspectives I can predict his future and what he will live like in few years, a beggar or a king I can always tell.


  • Conduct a thoroughly research about what you want to be
  • Believe in yourself
  • Start your own Business
  • Invest in Stocks and Shares
  • Study any professional qualification
  • Surround yourself with people whom you share the same vision
  • Strive towards what you want, never have a plan B, second and third plans are for cowards
  • Invest more time in what you want to achieve
  • Refuse negative influence
  • Motivate yourself by speaking and reading about successful people in your field

Everyone carries his own vision in life, these visions are different , my vision is not yours and your vision is not mine, so you are the one who has to believe in your own vision, no one else will believe in your vision, not even your friend, your parents nor your spouse, however if they do believe then we thank goodness for them to believe in your vision, do not blame anybody for not believing in your vision, it is you who is pregnant in this scenario, so don’t expect anybody to feel your baby’s kicks ,

………………..Carry and run with your vision until it is manifested…………………….you will eventually LIVE LIKE A KING