Deutsche Bank Admits It Rigged Gold Prices Too, Agrees To Expose Other Manipulators

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Well, that didn’t take long. Earlier currently when we reported a overwhelming news that DB has motionless to “turn” opposite a changed metals strategy conglomeration by initial settling a long-running china cost regulating lawsuit that in further to “valuable financial consideration” pronounced it would display a other banks’ paraphernalia carrying also “agreed to yield team-work to plaintiffs, including a prolongation of present messages, and other electronic communications, as partial of a settlement” we pronounced “since this is only one of many lawsuits filed over a past dual years in Manhattan sovereign justice in that investors indicted banks of conspiring to supply rates or prices in financial and line markets, we design that now that DB has “turned” that most some-more extraordinary information about changed metals paraphernalia will emerge, and will endorse what a “bugs” had pronounced all along: that a changed metals marketplace has been fraudulent all along.”

This was reliable moments ago when Reuters reported that Deutsche Bank has also reached a allotment in US lawsuit alleging a bank conspired to repair bullion prices. In other words, hours after revelation it was paraphernalia a china market, it did a same for gold.

Some some-more headlines:

  • Reaches allotment in U.S. lawsuit alleging it conspired to repair bullion prices.
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers, in filing, contend Deutsche Bank has sealed a allotment tenure sheet
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers contend are negotiating grave allotment agreement that would be presented for judge’s capitulation later
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers contend allotment contemplates a financial remuneration by Deutsche Bank
  • Gold allotment follows matching settle involving purported china price-fixing that was disclosed on Wednesday

Most importantly, as a tangible allotment reveals, Deutsche has concluded that in further to once again providing “valuable financial consideration” that will be paid into a allotment fund, that like in a china allotment it will yield “cooperation in posterior claims opposite a remaining Defendants.“

And with that a floodgates open.

Here is a full allotment letter:

* * *

As a reminder, this is what we reported only hours ago on an matching allotment involving Deutsche Bank revelation to paraphernalia silver:

Gold is Worried More About a Broken Financial System, Than Just a Brexit

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Gold is Worried More About a Broken Financial System, Than Just a Brexit


As distant as a marketplace is concerned, Brexit is off a table, for currently during least. In overnight trade, a Dow Jones index rallied 130 points, or 0.73%, while a SP 500 rose 0.58%. Europe partied hard, with a Euro Stoxx 50 index adult some-more than 3%; line were generally clever too. Gold reason steady, defying predictions of a pointy improvement as a risk of Brexit fades.

That means a marketplace should be in for another good eventuality today, after surging 1.8% yesterday.

Although, if you’re bullish on gold, keep in mind that a latest Commitment of Traders news shows sidestep supports are too massively bullish right now. The draft next shows a ‘net long’ bullion position of speculators is as high as it’s been given during slightest 2008.

Speculative income is there for a good time — not a prolonged time — so a bullion cost is during risk from a pullback as some of a Brexit fear unwinds. But if it continues to reason adult in a eventuality of a ‘remain’ vote, that will be unequivocally certain for gold’s longer tenure prospects.

It will tell we that bullion is disturbed about some-more than only a slim nearby tenure possibility of a European Union violation up.

Maybe it’s a vast and augmenting volume of supervision holds around a universe that cost account managers income to reason in their portfolios?

JP Morgan calculates that US$6.1 trillion in Japanese holds trade on a disastrous yield. This is 78% of a superb Japanese bond market. In a Euro area, $2.4 trillion of supervision holds trade on a disastrous produce — or 36% of all Euro area supervision bonds. This unfortunate trend has zero to do with Brexit. It has all to do with a damaged financial system. That’s what bullion is unequivocally disturbed about.



Successful Ideas That The Pros Use To Succeed In The Foreign Exchange Market​​
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Understanding a basis of unfamiliar exchange trade can seem like an outrageous task, generally if you’re not informed with a currencies of a world. This is distant and divided a world’s biggest financial market, and meaningful how to trade effectively can reap some critical rewards. Pay courtesy to this essay and you’ll start to know how it works.


It is critical that we not quarrel a trends, or go opposite a market. It is critical for your possess assent of mind, as good as your financial good being. If we go with a trends, your distinction domain competence not be as immediately high as jumping on a singular trade, however a possibility we take with a alternative, and a combined stress, are not value a risk.


Accept failures for what they are. You will not be successful with each trade, and we contingency be peaceful to accept better and learn from a experience. Failure is not a terrible word; it is a stepping mill to your subsequent success. If we over-analyze a loss, we can never clear relocating brazen to a winning position.


Avoid overloading yourself with information and examination a routine constantly. Devote brief sessions to both training and trade in a commencement so as not to blow your sensors with too most input. The marketplace is there and will not be going anywhere and your idea should not be to make a happening on day one.When we are only starting your tour into the market, do not try to mount opposite marketplace trends.

Taking a contrarian position opposite a altogether movement can – spasmodic – compensate off, though a calm and investment compulsory to make it so are utterly over a neophyte trader. Always learn from your successes and failures. Keep records and investigate them to assistance we correct your strategies. This use will make it easier to mark your past mistakes. It will also assistance we establish that patterns in your trades story that have led to past successes or failures. Analyzing your possess methods is as critical as any aspect of your study.

When selecting for a broker, make certain we and a attorney are awaiting a same things out of your trades schedule. For example, if we devise on day trading, be certain to collect a attorney that allows mixed trades within a same day. Not all brokers concede day trade and might tighten your comment if they see we doing it.

Successful trades are often including meaningful your boundaries. Carefully cruise either or not we would be means to means a loss. If we can’t, we should not be concerned in a routine in a initial place. Only use income that is not set aside for other purposes.

Armed with a correct believe of a marketplace, we will means to grasp success as an investor. We lonesome a lot of useful tips in this article, though there’s still a lot some-more we need to know. Remember that information is critical if we wish to acquire money, so always be prepared to learn.

Negative Rates In The U.S. Are Next: Here’s Why In One Chart

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Negative Rates In The U.S. Are Next: Here’s Why In One Chart


When stripping divided all a philosophy, a pretentious rhetoric, and a jawboning, all executive banks do, or are ostensible to do, is to change collateral allocations and spending function by adjusting a liquidity welfare of a race by adjusting seductiveness rates and so a direct for money.

To be sure, over a past 7 years executive banks around a creation have left positively overboard when it comes to their primary gauge and have intent each probable authorized (and in a box of Europe, illegal) process during their ordering to force consumers divided from a “saving” mindset, and into purchasing risk(free) resources or differently blazing by assets in hopes of sensitive inflation.

Today’s movement by a Bank of Japan, that is meant to force banks, and consumers, to spend their income that will now lift a chastisement of -0.1% if “inert” was explanation of only that. Ironically, and perversely from a exemplary mercantile standpoint, as we showed before in a box of Europe’s NIRP bastions, Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland, a some-more disastrous rates are, a aloft a volume of domicile savings! This is what Bank of America pronounced behind in October: “Yet, domicile assets rates have also risen. For Switzerland and Sweden this appears to have happened during a tail finish of 2013 (before a oil cost decline). As a BIS have highlighted, ultra-low rates might perversely be pushing a larger inclination for consumers to save as retirement income becomes some-more uncertain.”

Bingo: that is precisely a deadly smirch in all executive formulation models, one that not a singular tenured economist appears able of rapacious nonetheless that even a child could simply understand. This is how Bank of America kindly resolved that NIRP is a failure:

For now, disastrous rates as a process apparatus sojourn a “work in progress”, judging by a stream acceleration levels opposite Europe. But a arise in domicile assets rates amid so many executive bank support is enigmatic to us, and mimics what we highlighted in a credit marketplace progressing this year. Companies in Europe are deleveraging, not re-leveraging, and are shopping behind holds not stock. One can now supplement Japan to a equation.

And shortly a US, given as a draft next shows, a Fed has further dramatically unsuccessful in changeable a liquidity welfare of US investors. First, here is what Bank of America finds when looking during new account flows: 4 true weeks of strong inflows to govt/ tsy bond funds; 19 true weeks of muni bond inflows; given 2H’15, cash has been a many renounced item category by distant ($208bn inflows – Chart 1) vs a muted $7bn inflows for equities $46bn outflows from bound income (dogged by redemption from credit) And here is a one draft that in a opinion probably assures that a Fed will follow in a footsteps of Sweden, Denmark, Europe, Switzerland and now Japan. Since a center of 2015, US investors have bought a large fat net 0 of possibly holds or equities (in fact, they have been net sellers of risk) and have parked all incremental income in money-market supports instead, precisely a dead non-investment that is roughly as hated by executive banks as gold.

To Yellen, this function will have to stop, and she will make certain it does earlier rather than later. Just ask Kocherlakota. Will this vanquish income markets as we know them, and unleash even some-more sensitivity and massacre around a world? Absolutely. But during this point, when each other executive bank has mislaid credibility, to counterfeit Hillary Clinton loosely, “what difference will it make” if a Fed joins a celebration on a executive bank Titanic?

Don’t Be A Wage Slave! Take Control Of Your Finances By Following This Advice.

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Don’t Be A Wage Slave! Take Control Of Your Finances By Following This Advice.


Money problems are one of a many common kinds of problems faced in a universe today. Too many people find themselves struggling with their personal finances, and they often, do not know where to turn. If we are in financial peril, a recommendation in this essay can assistance we get behind on your feet. If we are in doubt with what we should do, or do not have all of a information required to make a judicious decision, stay out of a market. Refraining from entering into a trade that would have plummeted is many improved than holding a high risk. Money saved is money earned.

Avoid adding positions to losing trades. Don’t concede a few losing trades to turn a start of a garland of losing trades in a row. It’s improved usually to lift out and start again during another time. Even usually a day giveaway of trade can assistance we out of your despondency when we confirm to trade again. If one wants to give themselves improved chances of safeguarding their investments they should make skeleton for a protected nation that’s banking rate stays clever or is disposed to conflict remarkable drops. Researching and anticipating a nation that has these required characteristics can yield a place to keep ones resources secure in uncertain times.

Before purchasing a car, build adult a clever down remuneration amount. Save money everywhere we can for a while in sequence to be means to put a poignant volume of money down when we purchase. Having a vast down remuneration will assistance with your monthly payments and it might make it easier to get improved seductiveness rates even with bad credit. Cost slicing is one of a many effective ways that we can save money during a march of a year. The initial place that we should start is with things that we do not need. Cut ties with some of a channels that we do not use on your wire network to save money. One thing that we will need to be really endangered with when examining your personal finances is your credit card statement. It is really critical to compensate down your credit card debt, as this will usually arise with a seductiveness that is tacked onto it any month. Pay off your credit card immediately to boost your net worth.

Movies are intensely expensive, either we are going out to a theatres or purchasing on DVD. Two alternatives that we can try are cinema during a library or by Netflix. These options will give we a far-reaching collection of a cinema that we adore during a many improved cost for your budget.

If we wish to get your personal finances underneath control, try frozen your credit cards. Credit cards are good for emergencies, though are mostly used to buy things we can‘t afford. Avoid this coax of a incentive spending by literally frozen your card. Put it in a enclosure of H2O and solidify it. You can still use your card in an emergency, though carrying to unfreeze out a credit card will give we time to rethink those incentive buys that lead to some-more debt. Do not put off traffic with your financial problems in a wish that they will usually go away. Delaying a indispensable movement will usually make your conditions worse. Remember a recommendation that we have schooled from this article, and start putting it to work right away. Before long, w

Gold And Silver – The Only Money That Matters (Now Cost More Phoney Fiats to Buy)

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Gold And Silver – The Only Money That Matters (Now Cost More Phoney Fiats to Buy)


The concentration this week will be on a charts as many of a Western universe stays inextricable in events that spin harder and harder to cover adult explain.  The elites and their executive banker’s screen continues to be pulled behind for all to see, nonetheless a immeasurable infancy of a open fails to associate a world’s financial woes as carrying originated by pristine chosen fervour for control over both income and people. BREXIT has nonetheless to be put into effect, and it stays to be seen if a globalists will ever concede it to happen.  They have some-more tricks adult their sleeves than a travel full of prostitutes.  At slightest with a latter, there is peaceful consent. The usually income that matters are bullion and silver.  Everything else is a sham substitute.  The PMs did not put in a clever rally, nonetheless many seem to consider that way.  Nope.  The fiats declined in their hypothetical value.  An unit of bullion and an unit of china have not changed.  It usually now takes a larger series of artificial fiats to buy a PMs.  There will be corrections along a way, though a trend of carrying to use ever-increasing numbers of fiats to buy bullion and china will continue, even many expected irreversibly.

The trillions and trillions of newly combined debt, for that there was never any propinquity to reality, and a astronomical hundreds of trillions on hundreds of trillions of banker- dark derivatives used to cover adult their Ponzi scheme, have never been greater.  It is not even a duty of expecting for a best, rather a usually choice is to ready for a worst, for a misfortune is entrance like a tsunami that will vanquish a unsuspecting, a vastly unprepared. The universe is substantially during a theater where a financial sea waves is decrease over and over divided from shore.  The globalists might do their misfortune and try to cover adult their uncontrollable financial sins with WWIII to obstruct courtesy divided from themselves.  There will be zero that can do to stop a financial panic that is already in a routine of unfolding. Give a male a gun, and he will sack a bank.  Give a male a bank, and he will sack a nation.  This is accurately what a Rothschild-generated banking conglomeration has been doing for centuries. As Rory Hall from The Daily Coin says, “If you’ve got gold, you’ve got money.  If we don’t have gold, you’ve got a problem.”  Throw china into that equation, and it is a stronger truism.

The Quarterly draft has taken a spin for a softened in a follow-up to a 1st Q 2016.  The time of financial doom keeps inexorably ticking away, and anyone confused by not having bullion and silver, including those who have either, or both, though is still holding behind on adding to their stash, is personification a fool’s game.

It appears bullion and china are in a still early stages of branch around and removing out from underneath a border of executive landowner strategy to keep a cost suppressed.  Since mid-February, bullion developed into a 5 month operation of overlapping bars.  Regular readers know that overlapping bars paint a onslaught for energy between buyers and sellers while there appears to be a change between a hostile forces. The change is usually temporary, even illusory, for a leader always emerges.  When we demeanour during volume, we see clues for a expected resolve.  Note a top volume on a monthly draft was red, denoting a reduce tighten when sellers evidently were in control.  Turns out, evidenced by a miss of downside follow-through in June, a unusually complicated offered bid by a sellers was entirely catastrophic as buyers impressed offered efforts, took control and have given run adult a cost to stream new high levels.

The neatly increasing volume unfolding described above can be some-more straightforwardly seen and accepted in a weekly activity as it unfolded.  The unabated convene from 1200 to 1360 took many by surprise.  Take it as a shot opposite a crawl for a manipulators that are losing control. 1350+ could be teenager resistance, formed on a identified unsuccessful pitch high from Jun of 2015.  No one knows how any marketplace will unfold, hence a “?” in observation that cost turn as presumably minor. The bullion and china markets are promulgation a transparent message, while a universe gets bogged down in a financial quagmire, combined only by a globalists though to be suffered by a masses.  Those with bullion and china will transport best during a misfortune of what is to come.

The building [chart] design continues to improve.  Friday’s remarkable opening opening could be a start of another leg higher.  Maybe it will be filled subsequent week?  It does not matter.  What does matter is how a cost structure, upheld by certain volume, points to a aloft cost levels many have been energetically anticipating. Silver, step-child to bullion for so many and pang a poorer draft structure, relations to that barbarous metal, has been creation secrecy swell and will expected continue to outperform gold.  The identified insurgency around 22 – 23 is a same for both longer time support charts, so one could design proxy cost hesitation, though that would be normal, even a healthy development, for delay higher. For a transparent matter done by silver, it positively blew right by what seemed to be clever insurgency during a 18.60+ level, and it flew right by a tiny bearish spacing that has weighed and kept a lid on this market. Not any more.  That area will now spin support on any retest[s].

For as quick as cost has rallied in silver, a welcomed and appreciative warn for those who possess this glossy metal, a gold:silver ratio has severely softened bearing china as we have been observant all year.  It was 84:1 several months ago.  We used a possess sell of some bullion for china a few weeks behind when a ratio was 75:1.  As of Friday, it stood during usually underneath 68:1. We design to see that ratio to preference china in a years ahead, eventually reaching anywhere from 40:1 to a ancestral attribute of 15:1.  The marketplace will make that final determination.

Last week was a good week.  We see it as a preview of many some-more to come.  Keep on shopping earthy bullion and silver, and we continue to preference china over bullion for a ratio play.  We have been observant this for a past few years, and all purchases done this year are doing utterly well.

As an aside, we endorsed a prolonged position in a paper marketplace during final Thursday’s dusk trade session.  Price was display diseased reactions reduce — diseased reactions roughly always lead to aloft prices– volume picked adult with cost Thursday evening, and that is what stirred jumping into a futures marketplace from a prolonged side.

Will a Mar Fed Rate Hike lead to Crashing Market Expectations?

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Will a Mar Fed Rate Hike lead to Crashing Market Expectations?


On Apr 30, 1900, a tyrannies operative named Casey Jones was pushing his newcomer train, The Cannonball Express, on a midnight run from Memphis, Tennessee to Canton, Mississippi. Jones started his outing behind schedule.

He attempted to make adult for mislaid time by regulating a Cannonball as quick as he could. At 3:52 am, Jones and a Cannonball crashed into another sight whose cars were restraint a categorical line. After outstanding by several of a interference cars, a Cannonball Express jumped a tracks.

Casey Jones was killed in a wreck, though amazingly no passengers were killed. Jones was regarded as a favorite given he refused to desert a train, and did all probable to delayed his speed usually before a collision. He died with one palm still retaining a stop handle, and a other palm on a train’s whistle.

Janet Yellen and a Federal Reserve are now pushing their possess Cannonball Express consisting of seductiveness rate hikes. Just like Casey Jones, a Fed started late. (The initial rate travel in this new array was Dec 2015; a Fed should have lifted rates as early as 2011 when a economy was stronger.)

Casey Jones was violation speed annals on his final run to make adult for his late start. Similarly, Yellen is creation adult for mislaid time by raised 300 basement points of rate increases over a subsequent 3 years. This implies rate hikes of 100 basement points per year or 25 basement points each other FOMC meeting. Based on this schedule, a subsequent rate travel is set for Mar 16. That’s usually dual weeks from today.

But there’s difficulty ahead. Something is restraint a Fed’s path, usually as there was another sight restraint a trail of a Cannonball Express. That something is a market. Specifically, a fed supports futures market. The marketplace does not design a rate travel in March. In fact, a marketplace is giving low contingency of any rate hikes in all of 2016. Meanwhile, a Fed is relocating during full stifle toward a rate hike.

There are usually 3 probable outcomes. The initial is that a marketplace gets safely out of a approach by adjusting expectations in a subsequent dual weeks. The second is that Yellen grabs a stop and slows down a Cannonball Express by signalling that a Fed will not lift rates. The third probable outcome is a sight mutilate that will rile markets. Right now a sight mutilate looks like a many expected outcome. Here’s why…Global markets have been in misunderstanding given a Fed’s final rate travel in December. This is given a Fed tightened into what was already a diseased economy. If a Fed continues tightening, a U.S. retrogression after this year is rarely likely.

The Fed had a possess reasons for tightening. They wanted to equivocate creation item froth any bigger. (Bubbles in batch and genuine estate markets had been inflating for years underneath a Fed’s 0 seductiveness rate policy.) The Fed indispensable to contend a institutional credit after earnest for over a year that they would start to lift rates in 2015.

And, usually as Casey Jones did not see risk until it was too late, Yellen does not see a recession. Her forecasts, regulating badly injured models such as a Phillips Curve, NAIRU, and FRB/US, are signalling solid growth, tighter labor markets, and acceleration usually around a corner. The Fed has not wholly abandoned new marketplace turmoil. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) finished anxiety to it in their Jan statement. And several Fed officials have echoed those concerns in open pronouncements and speeches given then.

The problem is that a markets have over interpreted these presumably dovish statements. What Fed statements indeed contend is that they are examination a misunderstanding closely. At no time has a Fed pronounced they would deviating from their before course. It would be easy adequate to do so if that’s what a Fed wanted.Saying we are examination something is not a same as observant we are changing what we already designed to do. The plain import of new Fed statements is that financial conditions will have to get worse than we have already seen to means a Fed not to lift rates in March.

The market’s dovish interpretation of Fed statements is sad thinking. In fact, a market’s dovish perspective has finished it more, not reduction expected a Fed will lift rates in March. The dovish interpretation caused equity markets to convene a past dual weeks in expectancy of no rate hike. The convene eases financial conditions, that creates it easier for a Fed to lift rates.

What would it take in a subsequent dual weeks for a Fed not to lift rates? There are 3 scenarios. A thrust in a SP Index to 1650 (a 15% decrease from stream levels) would stop a Fed in a tracks. If a Feb jobs news (due this Friday, Mar 4) produces fewer than 100,000 jobs or if stagnation rises to 5.0% or higher, that would give a Fed pause.

Finally, a full-scale financial panic allied to a Asian predicament of 1997 we discussed with Michael Covel this week would check a rate hike. (The Asian Crisis of 1997 was a final time a Fed did “one and done.”)

Right now nothing of those scenarios seems expected to emerge. The Cannonball Express is still regulating during tip speed. If a Fed hikes rates in Mar when a marketplace is not awaiting it, a fast repricing of rate travel expectations will lead to a batch marketplace mini-crash. Will a Fed rate travel in Mar lead to a sight mutilate by crashing into marketplace expectations? It depends on either Janet Yellen can vigilance a markets that her Cannonball Express is not stopping. Casey Jones died frantically pulling a train’s whistle. Janet Yellen needs to start floating a Fed’s alarm and warning markets now — before it’s too late.

ore Crucial Than Gold and Silver Prices is Their Availability – Buy Them While You Can

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More Crucial Than Gold and Silver Prices is Their Availability – Buy Them While You Can


We are all very sure of no discernible line where moron start; for sure, it does not end.  There are two main concern for the never-ending goal of purchasing and holding physical gold and silver:

1. Both gold and silver are the only proven form of money.  Yeah, yep, everyone may always discuss that sea shells, teeth ,livestock, whale’s barter, any form of paper, etc, but none of all of them will ascend up now or even in the last century.  When all is mentioned and done, throughout the history of human, gold and silver will always rule.

2. In the countries where the elite’s have been dominating for the past few centuries, and where it has reached its tarnished zenith in present day, where greed and stupidity moron prevail over the uninspired masses, if you do not have gold and/or silver, you have nothing! Almost everyone who is a gold, silver advocate, purchaser follows the never-ending list of gurus on the topic where one can be toughed all about supply and demand, how much gold or silver is being mined, where, who is purchasing, read all about purportedly empty vaults in the West that are not supposed to be empty, how many paper contracts there are chasing every available ounce known to exist.  A lot of this data comes in colorful graphic charts, backed by never ending statistics.

While none of this data has depicted the current pricing for gold and silver, especially since the 2011 highs, what pragmatic purpose has all of this brilliant information served over the past five years? We remember saying, a few years back, when all the rage was to report the record number of gold and silver coins being minted and purchased in larger and larger numbers every month.  In fact, they still get reported.  Our thought was all of this purchasing was from the the people, when has the public ever been right, especially in one of the huge trading arenas globally? There are far better explanation to be purchasing and personally holding gold and silver, and price is the last consideration.  More crucially, for now, is availability.  Get either, or both, while you still can.  This window of opportunity will close without warning.  How, when, or even under what circumstances no one knows.

The West, our appreciation to the Rothschild formula of burying nations, and their people, in debt that can never be paid back, remains in deep trouble.  Debt for which interest is perpetually owed to the globalists, the money changers, is the source of all problems.  [Follow The Money!]  A fact that few individual ever consider, for all of the endless fiat paper being created [digitized, these days, physical paper is on its way out], none of the created money can ever cover the interest charged.  Not a single cent, shilling, shekel, dinar, real, euro, whatever, can pay for the perpetually increasing interest.

Let us assume the universe for all money in existence is $2 million, printed into existence by the world central banks and distributed to all the people, at 10% interest per annul.  At the end of the year, there is interest in the amount of $200,000 due to the central banks. That interest is now in addition to the $2 million that exists.

The central banks say that, at the end of the year,  everyone must return their portion of the $2 million in existence, plus pay the agreed upon 10% interest.  The query is, from where does the “cash” come to pay the interest?  It does not exist, but the bankers are demanding that it be paid.  The bankers will create and loan out another $200,000 so all can repay the interest due and owing, but now, everyone is borrowing money that cannot be used for any other purpose than to repay the bankers.

Greece is experiencing this without grasping the futility of it all.  Italy, , Spain, Ukraine, Ireland, Venezuela, Brazil, actually the entire Western world is a financial house of fiat currency debt where the inability to pay interest keeps mounting, and in order to stay alive, financial speaking, just to pay the interest, every country is being forced into insolvency, giving up individual sovereignty, having to sell national assets for pennies on the dollar to the elite’s corporate squids devouring every country along the way.

This is what happened to the United States in 1933, when this country was forced into bankruptcy by the money changers, yet to this day, it remains a “secret” from the people by those in charge.

The original United States of America, formed as a Republic, established with the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, no longer exists and has not since the Republic lost its constitutional quorum when the south seceded form the Union, and Congress adjoined sine die, [without a day], with no ability to establish the needed quorum to maintain the government.  Lincoln kept the situation alive by taking over the country via Executive Order, acting under the rules of war and the laws of necessity, all under Art. 1, Sec. 8, Cl. 15 of the U.S. Constitution.

The only true money of the United States is the dollar of silver.  Take note: the word “dollar” is used as a measure for silver.  It is not a silver dollar, as almost all say.  If one wants a reason to own gold and silver, both truly are the only lawful money of account of the United States today.  The fiat paper “dollar’ was created by the Federal Reserve, and it is nothing more than a debt instrument.

Debt never has nor never can be money.  Debt is the antithesis of money, yet Americans, even the world, continue to believe that debt is money because they falsely believe that a Federal Reserve Note is a dollar.  Why believe the truth when the lie “seems” much more credible?

We had the tragedy in Orlando, where a Muslim gunned down over 50 people.  Next day, Obama had the audacity to say, “We are to blame, not radical Islam.”  Obama has said so many outrageous things during his eight years of lies, but this has to be the most offensive statements uttered by him.  “We!!!”  Surely he must be referring to the globalists that rule over him and this country, for there is not a single [non-politician] American that can be included as a part of the “We” he attributed for being responsible for the Orlando massacre.

Is there any American listening to Obama that feels he or she is one of the responsible parts of his collective use of “We?”  For all of the spying the NSA does on Americans, all under the auspices of making America safer from terrorists, said spying sanctioned and endorsed by Obama, how did this native Afghan killer escape detection?  He was interviewed twice by the FBI, even placed on a terrorist “watch” list, yet no one from the all-spying government saw this coming.  The NSA/FBI/TSA/Homeland Security, the entire collective of all corporate federal US agencies have not caught, stopped, or prevented any so-called “terrorist” act in this country.

Do you need any better reason for owning gold and silver than to save yourself from this insidious federal government that only feeds itself at the expense of every day Americans?

Britain just experienced the killing of one of its Members of Parliament, Jo Cox, a pro-EU individual that wants to remain in the EU.  The modus operandi of the elites is to have some mentally deranged lone gunman kill some politician or high-ranking official as one of their calling cards:  “Do as we say, or you may be next.”  Who killed Mrs Cox?  Some so-called mentally disturbed individual who was a loner.  What a coincidence with the BR EXIT vote to be held on the 23rd of next week!

Unlike the US, it is extremely difficult for an individual to own a gun or even a long-bladed knife.  Both are against the law, yet this otherwise seemingly docile man with no known extremist associations or tendencies, and maybe mentally challenged [unknown for certain], owned both weapons.  In an ironic twist, the vote for anti-BR EXIT, [Britain leaving the EU] dropped to 32% from 40%, in a poll taken right after the death of Mrs Cox.

Guess what?  Even if BR EXIT were to pass, by popular vote against the establishment, the vote is not legally binding on the establishment.  It is merely “consultative.”  Assume BR EXIT passes.  Before it ever can become binding, the British government will simply declare its passage may be too economically disruptive, and the government will decide not to go through with it.  So much for people and their votes mattering.

Do you need more reasons for buying and owning gold and silver to protect yourself from the rank greed and stupidity that runs every Western government?  The stupidity is running rampant in Europe as US governor Chancellor Merkel exhorts Germany, indeed all of Europe, to accept the millions upon millions of Muslim migrants [can anyone confirm that their travel expenses are funded by Soros, we wonder?] that have and feel absolutely no allegiance and no desire to become a part of the culture of the host nations that accept them?

What is wrong with the German people for tolerating the likes of Merkel who is out to destroy their identity, and she who says everyone should refrain from thinking of Muslims as being radical, terrorists, rapists, proven and not even potential threats to  the local populations?!   This is what the politically corrupt leaders of every Western nation  are doing against the will of the people in order to further the will of the elites, destroying every sovereign nation and its people, in the process.

Buy gold and silver,  It is the most sane thing anyone can do in world gone, not going but gone amok.

To where will the price of silver and gold go?  $400 silver?  $10,000 gold?  No one knows, and wherever price goes, it will be relative to what is going on in the world, and as the history of gold and silver has proven, no matter what the price, the preservation of your wealth-effect will be maintained to your benefit.

Just keep accumulating and trust in the Force, as it were, to “coin” a phrase from Star Wars.  If you do not have any, it will not matter.  For those who do, it will be the difference potentially between surviving economic calamity or not.  How many tones China or Russia are buying, or how many coins are being sold to the public each month will be of no consequence to what you personally own and hold.  The only consequence that matters is the fact that you hold some.

How much gold and silver should one own?  Mainstream thought is 10% – 20% [or so] of one’s assets.  Our question would be, in what form is the remaining 90% – 80%?  If it is in paper assets, and all paper assets will likely reach the intrinsic worth of the paper itself, it may pay to rethink one’s objectives.

Developing market activity “spoke” loudly, last week, when price rallied in a crescendo to the 1315+level before taking a dramatic turn below 1300 to 1280.  That was a clear message from the market saying that sellers overwhelmed buyers, for the time being. Every market needs to undergo a correction to remain sustainable in a trend, and this one in gold is trying to establish itself.

It is important to always be in the present tense with the market[s].  The past is done, and the future has not happened, so stay with what is transpiring as the best guide.  As of last Thursday, it appears the market has reached at least a temporary turning point after a virtually uncorrected rally from 1200.

The chart comments are worth review re that portion from the second half of May when volume increased substantially as price declined, yet, there was no further downside once price reached the support area at 1200.  That apparent “selling” volume takes on a much different interpretation, as a consequence.

Strong volume activity is always generated by smart money.  The public have no ability to mount a collectively concerted buying or selling effort at one time in the market.  Most of the volume increase occurred after the 1260 area was breached in mid-May, most likely weak hands stopping themselves out of the market on the decline or unable to maintain margin calls.  Smart money took everything that was available for sale.  It is why this observation is so key.

If the situation, as described, is accurate, the lows at 1200 will be staunchly defended, and one can see from the 3 June sharp volume rally in a wide range bar up how easy it was to move price higher. The 50% entrancement area is just a general guide to view as  support, but it will be developing market activity that will be the best guide for determining if there is a buy area on the next correction.  The only caveat is that price remains in a broad TR.

Silver still remains well under its Axis resistance at the 18.60 area.  The fact that so many silver experts are calling for a screamingly bullish scenario in this market, a market that has yet to even challenge a major resistance hurdle, is the reason why we ignore all fundamentals, even from within the silver community because there is no pertinent timing advice to substantiate the silver-to-the-moon prospects.

After such a strong rally effort, last week’s mid-range close is a red flag for being long the paper market.  There will likely be some backing and filling in the week[s] ahead. We do not make for definitive statements or sensational “predictions,” not to be lacking in conviction or ambiguous but because we respect developing market activity, and while many people want concrete assessments, the markets are not so accommodating in function to be that “predictable.”  Our posture is to maintain a healthy respect for the markets.

Silver did not rally and spike above its May high, so Thursday’s what is likely to be a failed swing high will undergo corrective activity in the coming week[s] to continue base-building for what will eventually become a substantial move higher.  Patience remains key.

Our view remains unchanged:  continue to buy and hold as much physical gold and silver as your situation/comfort zone allows.  Silver should continue to outperform gold.

Forex Brokers

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A blogger should always make sure that his readers understand the subject and the terms of the discussion first. The subject should always be described and be broken into pieces so that everyone should understand exactly what he is talking about. I am not a FOREX guru neither a FOREX broker but I am just a novice who likes to share the little knowledge I have with my FOREX compatriots. Since our today’s topic is FOREX brokers we will explain the two terms FOREX and Brokers first before anything.            




This is a very huge liquid market in the world whereby people trade all currencies of the world. People trade currencies to use them in their destined countries when traveling; however some people take advantage on trading currencies for profit, I call this type ( FOREX Traders)  meaning that they buy at the low price and sell very high, otherwise who can ignore this simple business opportunity?, you only sit on your computer and watch money flowing in. However you must always remember that in order to make money you also need to spend some money.               


These are registered companies or firms who allow people to use their trading platforms, they allow them to buy and sell diverse currencies. They are also the agents who organize, negotiate, buy and sell currencies or assets for others , they normally make profit out of their proxy business or through spreads.

Brokerage Firm ( FOREX Brokers) and TechnologyMost people are on the opinion that the word FOREX Broker is a dying breed. With all of the technological improvements in field, most people now rely strongly on computers and perceive no need for a FOREX broker. I would caution! This line of thoughts, however. If you want the convenience of an online system but the security of having someone there to answer your queries, find a brokerage firm that does both. Most FOREX brokers understand the need for 24-hour access, and have online portfolios and trading available to their customers. When you have a tough query or dilemma, you will be happy you kept your FOREX broker around.

Current Top broker benefits
FOREX brokers differ greatly depending on the capacity of their organization. You don’t necessarily have to go with one of the best FOREX broker to have a good trading experience, however. You will want to look for a FOREX broker firm that offers real-time access, price certainty, competitive pricing, and competitive spreads. 
Services of FOREX Brokers
The huge the FOREX broker firm is, then the lesser their spreads and prices will be. They have more pull in the market and are able to negotiate prices better than a smaller FOREX broker. Weigh all the benefits and downfalls to each firm to ensure a quality decision. A good price does not always mean the best broker, so choose with caution.

Why Choosing a Broker ?
There are certain query that you will want to ask to your prospective FOREX broker. Such questions include: 

  • What is a spread? (Hint: The lower the spread the more money you make!) The spread is calculated in “pips” and is the difference between the price at which a currency can be purchased and the price at which it can be sold. Simply put, your FOREX broker has to make money. That’s how they stay in business. Unlike traditional stock trading where brokers charge commissions, FOREX brokers make money off the spread. The lower the spread the more profit that there is for you.
  • What are your credentials? (Hint: There are certain affiliations you should look for.) a. Most huge brokerage firms are linked in some way to a bank or financial institution. Since the majority of their business is based on credit, this is a very crucial partnership. Their affiliation offers you the opportunity to invest thousands more than you could with smaller firms. It is also recommended that your chosen FOREX broker should be registered with Futures Commission Merchant (F.C.M) and regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (C.F.T.C). Refer to your broker’s website or call directly to find out if they have such affiliations.
  • What resources they have? (Hint: Not all broker firms are built equal. Find out who offers the best resources and information to help you make the smartest trading decisions.) a. This is a critical question to ask. It is one thing to fulfill your trade requirements, but a FOREX broker needs to also provide you with educational tools. Ask what kind of tools they offer for their clients. A good company should offer real-time charts, technical analysis tools, real-time news and data, and software or website support. Be weary of any company that refuses to share information or trial versions before opening up an account. You will want to try out their system before you choose to invest money in it. Many offer test accounts that allow you to “play” the market without actually investing any capital.What tools are available to help me learn more?
  • What is your leverage? (Hint: This is the determining factor on how much money you are able to make with each investment.) a. Leverage is the key factor to your success. As discussed earlier, the FOREX market runs mostly on credit. Your FOREX broker is able to supply you with a different margin depending on their size and your needs. The higher the margin the more money you can possibly make. If you are limited on funds, finding a high margin FOREX broker is top priority. If you have the capital already, you may decide that a lower margin is a smart choice for higher risk transactions and vice versa.

Types of FOREX Brokers


​​> introducing FOREX Brokers – This program is ideal for serious individuals or companies who would like to either spread their knowledge of the FOREX market to their existing clients or contacts or provide a value added service. Introducing FOREX Brokers do not have to manage or trade any client funds. Those who which to do so have to comply with more extensive requirements. Our program is divided into two different levels to better fit your business model.
< Institutional FOREX Broker > – is a serious business whose major source of income comes from offering FOREX products and services. These participants must offer a value added service. This will not only help differentiate the company from the competition but will provide the customer an incentive for signing up through the I.B. Account opening and all administrative duties are still handled by A.F.M as well as customer service and tech support. Institutional FOREX brokers must have an existing trading account so that they can provide further assistance to the customer based on their experience. Based on the number of clients and trading volume, a successful Institutional Broker will be very well compensated. By teaming up with A.F.M, an Introducing FOREX Broker can be confident in that they will be part of a strong partnership aimed at providing excellent service in the FOREX market. Institutional Brokers can offer their clients access to A.F.M high-quality FOREX platform and trading expertise. A.F.M will provide strong back office support where the I.B will always have access to track its progress. Most of our I.B.s start by facilitating the account opening and funding process for clients. Clients look for I.B.s they can trust and have confidence in. 
< The Online Service Provider > – This are professionals who wish to market our services as different to a FOREX broker. This is ideal for an existing website owner who wishes to link to us or provide access to demo accounts and live account applications. The site must fit our profile and be in the same or similar industry. By becoming an online service provider, useful content can be provided to post for your online visitors.

< White labeling > – This is available for registered entities. They must be a Futures Commission Merchants and regulated in their jurisdiction. They must be an existing financial institution permitted to accept funds on behalf of their clients and you should not confuse them with FOREX brokers. This is a perfect program for small banks or equity FOREX brokers. Entities that are accepted as a White Label will be provided with a customized solution for their business. The trading platform as well as all correspondence will carry the company’s brand identity. White Labels can extend the companies product line by venturing into the FOREX market with a proven leader. While A.F.M remains a price maker and counter party to every transaction, the White Label I.B will take on back office responsibilities. Installation and access to our back office application will be provided. A.F.M will work behind the scenes while giving the entity and its clients access to the FOREX market. Just like A.F.M, White Labels will be expected to follow the highest standards in ethics and corporate responsibility.
FOREX Brokers/ Financial Institution Regulators

chains hanging on USD representing Financial Regulators


 Recommended FOREX Brokers

Every FOREX broker or any financial institution need to be registered in their country of trade since they will be dealing with finances of people. The regulations may differ from country to country. These regulators protect the integrity of financial institution within every country and also the finances of individual, List of countries regulators;

  1.  Argentina [The Stock Market National Committee]
  2.  Australia [Australian Securities and Investments Commission]
  3.  Australia [Australian Prudential Regulation Authority]
  4.  Australia [Australian Transaction Report and Analysis Center]
  5.  Austria [Financial Market Authority]
  6.  Bahamas [securities Commission of The Bahamas]
  7.  Bahrain [Central Bank of Bahrain]
  8.  Belgium [Financial Services and Markets Authority]
  9.  Belize [International Financial Services Commission]
  10.  Botswana [Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority]
  11.  Brazil [Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil]
  12.  British Virgin Islands [Financial Services Commission]
  13.  Bulgaria [Bulgarian National Bank]
  14.  Canada [Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada]
  15.  Canada [Canadian Investor Protection Fund]
  16.  China [China Securities Regulatory Commission]
  17.  China [Financial Supervisory Commission]
  18.  Croatia [Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency]
  19.  Cyprus [Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission]
  20.  Czech Republic [Czech National Bank]
  21.  Denmark [Denmark Financial Supervision Authority]
  22.  Egypt [Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority]
  23.  Estonia [Financial Supervision Authority]
  24.  Estonia [Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications]
  25.  Finland [Financial Supervision Authority]
  26.  France [Financial Markets Authority]
  27.  France [Credit Institutions and Investment Firms Committee]
  28.  France [The Financial Firms Register]
  29.  Germany [Federal Financial Supervisory Authority]
  30.  Gibraltar [Financial Services Commission]
  31.  Greece [Capital Markets Commission]
  32.  Hong Kong [The Securities and Futures Commission]
  33.  Hong Kong [The Financial Commission]
  34.  Hungary [Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority]
  35.  Hungary [Central Bank of Hungary]
  36.  India [Securities and Exchange Board of India]
  37.  India [Central Depository Services Limited]
  38.  India [National Securities Depository]
  39.  Indonesia [Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency]
  40.  Ireland [Central Bank of Ireland]
  41.  Israel [Israel Securities Authority]
  42.  Italy [National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange]
  43.  Jamaica [Financial Services Commission]
  44.  Japan [Japan Securities Dealers Association]
  45.  Japan [Financial Services Agency]
  46.  Jordan [Jordan Securities Commission]
  47.  Kenya [Kenya Capital Markets Authority]
  48.  Kuwait [Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry]
  49.  Latvia [Financial and Capital Market Commission]
  50.  Lebanon Central [bank of Lebanon]
  51.  Lebanon [The Arab Federation of Exchanges]
  52.  Lithuania [Lithuanian Securities Commission]
  53.  Malta [Malta Financial Services Authority]
  54.  Mauritius [Financial Services Commission]
  55.  Morocco [Moroccan Financial markets Authority]
  56.  Netherlands [Financial Markets Authority]
  57.  New Zealand [Financial Service Providers Register]
  58.  New Zealand [Financial Service Providers Register]
  59.  New Zealand [Financial Dispute Resolution Service]
  60.  United Kingdom [The Financial Conduct Authority]
  61.  United States [National Futures Association]

​A word of advice to all FOREX traders, newbies and professionals should always make sure to check the FOREX Broker they wish to invest their money with whether it is registered or not. The list of Regulators may be a good source to help you check. Never get carried away with FOREX brokers promising you heaven and earth when they don’t have. Conduct a 100% thoroughly research analysis. It is easy to report a financial institution that does not comply when registered but if not registered there is nowhere to report.
We as A.F.M FOREX are here to help you report any monies you lost through any FOREX broker, feel free to expose or applaud any broker. Comment below.

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 Today I like to bring some motivations to my friends, colleagues, FOREX compatriots and other readers all over the world that I don’t know, those that I don’t know perhaps we might meet one day at some FOREX seminars and or circulars, I’m sitting in my office writing this blog to inspire those willing to make a success in their lives. I might not be a great blogger but hoping you will find this very easy to read and understand. I will not be explaining so much about FOREX or enter deep with FOREX jargon, I think I have spoken so much about it for the past few years.
Before I proceed with my discussion I like to ask these questions:

  1. Do you want to be successful in Forex Trading or in your life?
  2. Do you want to be wealthy with Forex Trading or add your wealth?

If the answer is yes then this is your article to read thoroughly.


1. Be a FOREX trader – I once wrote that FOREX trading is like picking money in the floor that was left by someone and not trading is like leaving that money lying around on the floor waiting for someone to pick it. One might ask why!  Am I saying these, but later you will grasp.  Let me just give you a typical example about simple FOREX trading.
Example : Let us assume that “DONALD TRUMP” – The current president of U.S.A makes a good move about his country, the country will attract more investors and the U.S.D will start to be strong: This is clear that the U.S.D dollar will be gaining much strength than before, meaning the U.S.D will appreciates. So why don’t you open a trading account favoring the U.S.D? – see this is what we call successful FOREX trading, you always have to check also some economic factors of the country before you start trading. In simple, we have people who influence the economy positively or negatively, If Trump do something very bad or stupid, investors will lose hope to the country and the U.S.D will start weakening, so in this instance go against the U.S.D, was it difficult to predict where there U.S.D will go? Is FOREX trading difficult? Not at all, you may begin to take a giant step by opening an account now.

When I started trading I had no much knowledge about FOREX trading but because I had  a zeal to succeed that made me never to give up, I was very tired of living a frustrating life, I wanted something to do that would pay me in U.S.D, I wanted more than any man has, so greedy I am I can say. I was introduced to FOREX trading by a man I respect and admire even today Sir Nicholas Shamtanis of Cyprus.  In the year 2011 he said to me, Aldrin why don’t you start being a FOREX  affiliate, I asked many questions about it, I started learning more about FOREX affiliates until I had a picture of what was going on, now I understand. He proceeded by writing to me to strengthen me, he wrote,

2. Be an Affiliate: ” It was my 2nd year with easy markets in 2009 when I finally got to meet the guy everyone in the company was talking about. He was sitting right next to me in a casual restaurant in Shanghai. At 28 years old, I heard stories how his income fluctuated between $40,000 and $60,000 a month; for 2 consecutive years.

  • After carefully observing him, I gathered the confidence to ask him something about the direction of GOLD and what his opinion was. He looked at me and with broken English said “I don’t even know where the GOLD price is right now”. His answer stunned me!
  • He had zero skills in FOREX trading but a huge network of people who would follow his recommendations as to which broker to trade with.
  • 7 years later, he still doesn’t know the price of GOLD, yet that doesn’t matter. He is still our biggest Introducing Broker ( I B ).

These were the words of this wise man from Cyprus. It made me see that success favors the hard working people not those with experience or knowledge in FOREX Trading. Here is a list of successful FOREX traders, and there are lots of young FOREX traders like Sandile Shezi of South Africa who made success out of Trading and recruiting. Creating your own network of traders can benefit you greatly, start to be an affiliate today, one of the good days you may thank me, perhaps you will list me as a  person who  inspired you to your success.

The best way to start FOREX trading is choosing the right FOREX broker, making the right choice may save your time and money. I normally advice FOREX traders to choose the registered FOREX broker to trade with, imagine trading with the wrong FOREX Broker and after making profit they fail to pay you, I’m very sure it is discouraging and heart breaking, so it is very crucial to trade with a registered FOREX brokers like Easy Forex.  The FOREX market is very huge and it gives traders lot of opportunities to make money for 24 hours. Using the right FOREX trading strategy will create you lot of money, as a trader you must develop your own FOREX strategy that you understand or you may adopt a winning strategy to some successful FOREX traders. Points to start trading:

  • Learn the FOREX Jargon
  • Open a demo account with registered broker
  • After understanding the market movement, open a live FOREX account
  • Deposit the required Funds; remember to start small to see the progress
  • Always try to start everything with trading currencies.


I always advice FOREX traders whether new or old to buy themselves a comfortable trading device like a laptop or a tablet rather than a desktop in order to make their online FOREX trading so easily, reason for that is that sometimes you will need to carry or move around with the device to your journey or voyage in order to close or open Forex Trading deals. When you are in this field you need a quick, reliable device in order to trade easily and with to achieve your goal which is to “make profit”. How discouraging is; trying to close a deal only to find out that your device take some more time to close, how much lose you have incurred in this instance?Some successful FOREX Trading gurus will tell you that you sometimes have to sacrifice and remain online to watch the market movements, especially for the day traders this should be a norm to adopt. However in all what you do in your FOREX trading business you should always make sure that you do not abuse your spouse by spending much time with a computer forgetting to fulfill your family responsibilities.
With every successful trader there is always the FOREX Trading strategy they use to make profit, some trade using the following:

  • Technical analysis
  • Charts
  • FOREX scalping
  • FOREX hedging  
  • Economic factors
  • Advice from FOREX Trading brokers
  • FOREX Robots

It is always advisable that you also create a strategy that will create profit or a strategy to work for you, remember that any strategy that gives profit is the right strategy than trying to copy and mimic what will not work for you.
Trading on the right platform is the key factor to help you create profit and maximize your account. Some prefer trading on the MT 4, MT 5 etc. and others on the web trader, but I advise a web trader for newbies FOREX Traders and MT 4 for those with knowledge.


Most of people have made tons of money just by recruiting others to be in the FOREX world, we call this type of recruiters FOREX affiliates or FOREX partners, if they themselves recruit other affiliates we call those type sub affiliates or sub partners. In most cases the affiliates use their money to do advertisement, promotions etc. Putting a hard work may benefit you at the end, being affiliates may generate huge earnings and there is no FOREX investment required, it is always free to join, you may still benefit after quitting since the banners and referral links will always work for you. If you have a website that is having lot of traffic then it is a bonus for you to get more online FOREX clients.
I have covered some of the best information for you. Should you wish to discuss more you may proceed to communicate with me since we are in this same boat together, you may also post some information that you think is relevant to the topic to help other traders.