​​SMLXL On Apr 30, 1900, a tyrannies operative named Casey Jones was pushing his newcomer train, The Cannonball Express, on a midnight run from Memphis, Tennessee to Canton, Mississippi. Jones started his outing behind schedule. He attempted to make adult for mislaid time by regulating a Cannonball as quick as […]

A blogger should always make sure that his readers understand the subject and the terms of the discussion first. The subject should always be described and be broken into pieces so that everyone should understand exactly what he is talking about. I am not a FOREX guru neither a FOREX broker […]

FOREX  TRADING  ​​SMLXL  Today I like to bring some motivations to my friends, colleagues, FOREX compatriots and other readers all over the world that I don’t know, those that I don’t know perhaps we might meet one day at some FOREX seminars and or circulars, I’m sitting in my office writing […]

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