Today I like to bring some motivations to my friends, colleagues, FOREX compatriots and other readers all over the world that I don’t know, those that I don’t know perhaps we might meet one day at some FOREX seminars and or circulars, I’m sitting in my office writing this blog to inspire those willing to make a success in their lives. I might not be a great blogger but hoping you will find this very easy to read and understand. I will not be explaining so much about FOREX or enter deep with FOREX jargon, I think I have spoken so much about it for the past few years.
Before I proceed with my discussion I like to ask these questions:

  1. Do you want to be successful in Forex Trading or in your life?
  2. Do you want to be wealthy with Forex Trading or add your wealth?

If the answer is yes then this is your article to read thoroughly.


1. Be a FOREX trader – I once wrote that FOREX trading is like picking money in the floor that was left by someone and not trading is like leaving that money lying around on the floor waiting for someone to pick it. One might ask why!  Am I saying these, but later you will grasp.  Let me just give you a typical example about simple FOREX trading.
Example : Let us assume that “DONALD TRUMP” – The current president of U.S.A makes a good move about his country, the country will attract more investors and the U.S.D will start to be strong: This is clear that the U.S.D dollar will be gaining much strength than before, meaning the U.S.D will appreciates. So why don’t you open a trading account favoring the U.S.D? – see this is what we call successful FOREX trading, you always have to check also some economic factors of the country before you start trading. In simple, we have people who influence the economy positively or negatively, If Trump do something very bad or stupid, investors will lose hope to the country and the U.S.D will start weakening, so in this instance go against the U.S.D, was it difficult to predict where there U.S.D will go? Is FOREX trading difficult? Not at all, you may begin to take a giant step by opening an account now.

When I started trading I had no much knowledge about FOREX trading but because I had  a zeal to succeed that made me never to give up, I was very tired of living a frustrating life, I wanted something to do that would pay me in U.S.D, I wanted more than any man has, so greedy I am I can say. I was introduced to FOREX trading by a man I respect and admire even today Sir Nicholas Shamtanis of Cyprus.  In the year 2011 he said to me, Aldrin why don’t you start being a FOREX  affiliate, I asked many questions about it, I started learning more about FOREX affiliates until I had a picture of what was going on, now I understand. He proceeded by writing to me to strengthen me, he wrote,

2. Be an Affiliate: ” It was my 2nd year with easy markets in 2009 when I finally got to meet the guy everyone in the company was talking about. He was sitting right next to me in a casual restaurant in Shanghai. At 28 years old, I heard stories how his income fluctuated between $40,000 and $60,000 a month; for 2 consecutive years.

  • After carefully observing him, I gathered the confidence to ask him something about the direction of GOLD and what his opinion was. He looked at me and with broken English said “I don’t even know where the GOLD price is right now”. His answer stunned me!
  • He had zero skills in FOREX trading but a huge network of people who would follow his recommendations as to which broker to trade with.
  • 7 years later, he still doesn’t know the price of GOLD, yet that doesn’t matter. He is still our biggest Introducing Broker ( I B ).

These were the words of this wise man from Cyprus. It made me see that success favors the hard working people not those with experience or knowledge in FOREX Trading. Here is a list of successful FOREX traders, and there are lots of young FOREX traders like Sandile Shezi of South Africa who made success out of Trading and recruiting. Creating your own network of traders can benefit you greatly, start to be an affiliate today, one of the good days you may thank me, perhaps you will list me as a  person who  inspired you to your success.

The best way to start FOREX trading is choosing the right FOREX broker, making the right choice may save your time and money. I normally advice FOREX traders to choose the registered FOREX broker to trade with, imagine trading with the wrong FOREX Broker and after making profit they fail to pay you, I’m very sure it is discouraging and heart breaking, so it is very crucial to trade with a registered FOREX brokers like Easy Forex.  The FOREX market is very huge and it gives traders lot of opportunities to make money for 24 hours. Using the right FOREX trading strategy will create you lot of money, as a trader you must develop your own FOREX strategy that you understand or you may adopt a winning strategy to some successful FOREX traders. Points to start trading:

  • Learn the FOREX Jargon
  • Open a demo account with registered broker
  • After understanding the market movement, open a live FOREX account
  • Deposit the required Funds; remember to start small to see the progress
  • Always try to start everything with trading currencies.


I always advice FOREX traders whether new or old to buy themselves a comfortable trading device like a laptop or a tablet rather than a desktop in order to make their online FOREX trading so easily, reason for that is that sometimes you will need to carry or move around with the device to your journey or voyage in order to close or open Forex Trading deals. When you are in this field you need a quick, reliable device in order to trade easily and with to achieve your goal which is to “make profit”. How discouraging is; trying to close a deal only to find out that your device take some more time to close, how much lose you have incurred in this instance?Some successful FOREX Trading gurus will tell you that you sometimes have to sacrifice and remain online to watch the market movements, especially for the day traders this should be a norm to adopt. However in all what you do in your FOREX trading business you should always make sure that you do not abuse your spouse by spending much time with a computer forgetting to fulfill your family responsibilities.
With every successful trader there is always the FOREX Trading strategy they use to make profit, some trade using the following:

  • Technical analysis
  • Charts
  • FOREX scalping
  • FOREX hedging  
  • Economic factors
  • Advice from FOREX Trading brokers
  • FOREX Robots

It is always advisable that you also create a strategy that will create profit or a strategy to work for you, remember that any strategy that gives profit is the right strategy than trying to copy and mimic what will not work for you.
Trading on the right platform is the key factor to help you create profit and maximize your account. Some prefer trading on the MT 4, MT 5 etc. and others on the web trader, but I advise a web trader for newbies FOREX Traders and MT 4 for those with knowledge.


Most of people have made tons of money just by recruiting others to be in the FOREX world, we call this type of recruiters FOREX affiliates or FOREX partners, if they themselves recruit other affiliates we call those type sub affiliates or sub partners. In most cases the affiliates use their money to do advertisement, promotions etc. Putting a hard work may benefit you at the end, being affiliates may generate huge earnings and there is no FOREX investment required, it is always free to join, you may still benefit after quitting since the banners and referral links will always work for you. If you have a website that is having lot of traffic then it is a bonus for you to get more online FOREX clients.
I have covered some of the best information for you. Should you wish to discuss more you may proceed to communicate with me since we are in this same boat together, you may also post some information that you think is relevant to the topic to help other traders.

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