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Tradingview is the global innovative crowd funding project purposefully created for entrepreneurs, Forex mentors, coaches and inventors who wants to raise – funds by accepting donations from the crowd in return of their new or existing business invention, strategies and idea shared to them. 


This platform is implemented purposefully for individuals who are willing to help others achieve great in Finance.  They only have to share their winning ideas with the crowd and in return of that the crowd will leave donations to show appreciation to their hard work contributed. 

Entrepreneurs, Forex mentors , Forex coaches , Forex material sellers and Inventors have to come up with a stunning and helpful idea, they have to create a campaign here.  The campaign will then be moderated by the Tradingview team and eventually be published for the crowd to view it.

The crowds will then browse and evaluate different campaigns and will have to choose which one is helpful and they will then donate to that. 


Create a stunning trading strategy to be funded by crowd funders. It all start by creating a strategy or sharing an idea which you believe might be helpful to others and they will probably fund it should they like it.


Connect yourself to the most fabulous Forex trader’s economic calendar. Every trader has to know the current and forecast news and events about the product he wishes to trade.


A currency converter is sometimes called a money converter. Use this easy to use currency converter to check the value of currencies when compared against each other to get the exact exchange rate


Share and get more knowledge from other forum community members who are already waiting to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Sharing is learning when with Tradingview community members.


Tradingview market is the perfect place for the purchase and sales of currencies, crypto- currencies, stocks, shares, indices, metals, commodities, funds, bonds and others.


Get the most latest financial news; we cover most South African news and few of global news. For every person to remain informed, he needs to understand what is happening around him.


Tradingview team is providing Online Forex trading classes and other financial information for newbie’s and professionals who may also like to expand their knowledge in the Foreign exchange market.


Tradingview is providing live charts for Forex, stock , futures, indices , commodities , Charts are very crucial in interpreting the data and invite much exploration for understanding where information is not clear.


About 60% of trading success depends on choosing the right broker, so choosing the right one according to , fairness and honesty might contribute greatly to one's trading encounter.


Explore different categorized articles written by professional traders. Most articles are written with the purpose of helping others grow in trading knowledge. With much learning much is achieved.


Do you have financial questions which you don’t have answers for them? , you may now easily ask other users who might be having answers for your questions. Users can also respond to others questions.


We are more than happy to assist everyone achieve their goals; you may always feel free to discuss any matter relating to this website . Speak to our available consultant now.

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forex trading

FOREX Trading is the process of buying or selling one, two or more currencies and this process is usually carried out and executed by a number of foreign exchange market participants. If an individual or an investor decides and take action in  buying the USD and or ZAR then FOREX trading has happened,

The term FOREX Trading is a huge term that is having about 100 000 to 1 million global average searches every month on Google keyword searches. Many people are on the perception that trading FOREX is the better way to generate passive or active income.

You can-never separate FOREX from currencies, without currencies there is no FOREX and vice versa.

Prolonging our discussion, sources have previously revealed that it would almost cost the New York Stock Exchange three to four months of trading to equal trading during one day of the FOREX market. This market is having about $5 to $ 6 trillion traded every day as researched in the year of 2018

The Foreign exchange market is very huge and comprises of so many main participants as mentioned above, being the bank, government,  investors, financial institutions, FOREX brokers and FOREX traders, since you can see by yourself the truth – not even the governments as a whole can take the completely control over the long-term direction in this market. However some unfair Banks took advantage by fixing prices to try to control the market by grouping themselves into one.

The Foreign exchange market is very huge and comprises of so many main participants as mentioned above, being the bank, government,  investors, financial institutions, FOREX brokers and FOREX traders, since you can see by yourself the truth – not even the governments as a whole can take the completely control over the long-term direction in this market. However some unfair Banks took advantage by fixing prices to try to control the market by grouping themselves into one.

Knowing about FOREX Trading is one of the simplest lesson you may obtain, however to be the best trader is another game that is only mastered by few individual. 

In the Foreign Exchange Market the first currency rate on the left hand side is called the Base currency and the second one on the right side is called the Quote currency.


All countries’ currencies are having their own unit value which fluctuates over time. The monetary policy is having a great influence on the exchange rate or to the market globally, The appreciation or depreciation of the exchange rate for these currencies is usually controlled and determined by the supply and demand from market participants, meaning when the demand is high then the prices will increase and vice versa and it is also influenced by the number of economic, political factors and other crucial events which plays an integral part in this process. That is why the currency of every country differs from one another in terms of its value and power, look – at this typical saying;

The value of the (USD) is not equal or the same to the value of (Euros) and on the other hand the value of (Euros) are not equal to the value of (ZAR) South African Rands.


Many people inquire whether Forex Trading is legit or illegitimate and also they usually inquire whether is there honesty in the market or it is just another scam trying to rob them their hard earned money.  

Forex Robots are computer programmed devices to help traders Increase their profit capabilities. It is anticipated that people who trade using Forex Robots are more successful than people who trade using their own logic. 

The majority of individual inquire, “where is the FOREX Market located?” In intent perspective there is usually no central location for currency trading to take place since people can still trade online or electronically. In reference to this the word, “Market” might be a bit misleading. Banks that process transactions for larger companies and governments do the biggest chunk of FOREX trading. The aforementioned institutions provide exchange rates in the broader market on a continuous basis. The most recent quote is generally seen as the current pricing for the currency. However there is a place for trading stocks and commodities which happen in the following cities:

  • City of Johannesburg – This is located in South Africa
  • City of London – This is located in United Kingdom and is the biggest in trading than all
  • City of Tokyo – This is located in Japan and it is most well known in the world
  • City of Hong Kong – This is located in China
  • City of Singapore – This is located in Southern Asia
  • City of Frankfurter – This is located in Germany
  • City of New York – This is located in the United States of America
  • City of Wellington – This is located in New Zealand
  • City of Sydney – This is located in Australia

Forex quotes are live currency prices that Forex traders can use to compare the value of countries’ currencies. The reason for using Forex quotes is to get more insight of how much is the ( Bit – Purchase Price)or ( Ask – Selling  price ) to make a concrete decision. 

A Forex demo account is the practice account made for traders to learn to trade before they can engage themselves in real trading. A Demo Forex account is usually credited with an amount of $50000, traders will not withdraw or deposit to a Demo Forex Account.

FOREX Real Account is the live trading account whereby participants use real money to trade as opposed to the FOREX demo account. It is highly possible for traders to accrue profit while trading on the real account and also they may lose during this process.

It was my 2nd year with the company (easy- markets) in 2009 when I finally got to meet the guy everyone in the company was talking about. He was sitting right next to me in a casual restaurant in Shanghai. At 28 years old, I heard stories how his income fluctuated between an amount of $40,000 to $60,000 a month, which is about R560 000 to R840 000, he earned this for 2 consecutive years. Here are few ways to make money online​​

After carefully observing him, I gathered the confidence to ask him something about the direction of GOLD and what his opinion was. He looked at me and with broken English said “I don’t even know where the GOLD price is right now”. His answer stunned me! And made me never to ask more about hicurrency tradings and his affairs to the Foreign Exchange Market,


He had zero skills in FOREX trading but a huge network of people who would follow his recommendations as to which broker to trade with.

​​7 years later, he still doesn’t know the price of GOLD, yet that doesn’t matter. He is still our biggest Introducing Broker (I B)” close quote

Trading signals are the trading alerts and they provide traders with real-time buy and sell trading alerts  and also “when and where” to enter the market with entry point, stop and take profit targets.

Please not that in some of the products Tradingview might act as an intermediary and or introducing broker, we do not directly handle monies for Forex and other market products, we also do not provide anyone with investment advises however we do take full money control over  crowd funding projects and campaigns.

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