Tradingview as a world web financial encyclopedia website invites volunteers who are experts and also scholars, researchers, bloggers, individual and others to contribute their knowledge in writing.

All these people may feel free to contribute  their insightful ideas on fiscal, monetary, banking, Forex and trading and stock markets, commercial, accounting.

Tradingview Is Here To Transform Your Questions into Creative Results


Tradingview  is here to transform people’s questions  into creative results,  in short , tradingview is a financial encyclopedia and a knowledge based website, one of our innovative ideas and milestone achievement.

 A new Financial website that the world web ever had in history and is concentrated particularly on globally world web users to collaborate their thoughts on the world web by exchanging insightful ideas. Users are therefore invited to write , respond, comment and modify articles or contents written by other users in order to assure quality learning on articles and we are hereby mandated to create a knowledge full generation.

How useful is trading view? 

How useful is tradingview?

How useful is trading view to people? , you might be asking yourself this question but the answer is that;

it also benefits anyone who is looking for any  information on the web i.e., 

  1. Students
  2. Workers
  3. Researchers
  4. Scholars 
  5. Others who are searching for an insightful information.

Every information seeker may just type any topic of their choice on the search box  and the information which they are searching will be displayed on the screen, should you type any topic on the search box and the answer is not shown it then simply means that no one has already written an article about the requested topic, however you can be the first to write or ask about that topic and other users will get challenged to participate.

All web users should bear in mind that trading view articles , questions and answers may only be created , edited or modified when logged in only nothing else, members have to first sign up or join to be members in order to participate on our program services.

How to create and design an articles?

Creating and designing an article with trading view will need some time of concentration since you are not writing for yourself but for the nation, however everyone with financial knowledge may contribute freely by writing articles for the nation’s benefit.

Search for any Topic and it will be displayed

Searching for any topic is part of our web exploring and you will find useful information written by other Authors. Searching is very easy, you simple have to type your topic on the left hand corner where there is a search box and you trading view question will be returned by an answer.

Kindly Respond to other trading view community members questions

Intergrade all trading view and financial markets in just an easy way.

  • Kindly Respond to questions that you have answers.
  • Treat others as you would like them treat you
  • Do not use abusive language to avoid being banned from using this website.
  • Shush if having nothing to say, learn from the best

Answering others questions is also one of our primarily objectives, by answering only one question you are completing someone missing puzzle of life and you shape  the society to be a knowledgeable one , one helpful answer might save someone’s life, so thank you to all our contributors, may you proceed doing what is ethical for the nation.

Kindly Pose a question to other trading view community members

Posing a financial question to other trading view community members gives you an opportunity to be assisted with any information you may be looking for, this is a helping each other arena, today you ask a question and someone answers, tomorrow someone ask a question and you will have to answer, then let us try to be fair and kind to others, learning is power.

Tradingview content helps people to Learn

Users should rest assured that the content created on this website, described as  “” does not necessarily have any owner, this include those who initiate those articles, they  are not literally described as owners according to tradingview and holds no rights on the contents or articles, however they are classified as contributor volunteers. Everyone is welcome to create or modify any article and all articles should be written in simplified English.

There are so many financial terms, jargons and keywords that need to be explained and described in simple English,  so users may navigate and explore those words and break them for us to learn.

Can i get paid by writing , commenting , modifying articles?

Tradingview is not currently in the position of paying writers any money and that is why we need someone with a heart of gold and all Samaritans to freely volunteer by contributing their articles to us in mandate of helping others learn. For all those who share their work with our users, you are stars! Keep it up and in advance we appreciate your contribution

Who is the Founder of Tradingview?

Tradingview is founded by Siwele Aldrin Tinyiko, who’s a born South African and an independent writer.  “After  writing so many articles I have noticed a need to hear what others have to say, for so long I might have been missing a chance to grow, allowing others to speak is giving yourself a chance to learn and also speaking to others is allowing them a chance to learn and grow from your expertise, knowledge and research, so let us share what we know best with others.

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