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Do you know that you can earn every month by investing in Real Estates? and you may Safely store, send and receive Crypto currencies like Bitcoin , Zardiamond , Ethereum and other Forex Trading Products.

Liberate yourself! Grab a share in Real Estates by investing in Zardiamond crypto currency. A new block chain technology to easily and safely store, send and receive crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum , Zardiamond and many more.  Blockchain has no central authority and using this technology, participants can confirm transactions without a need for central clearing authority.

most important things to remember.
keep your 12 words recovery seed safe, you are the only one who knowS them. we do not know about your recovery words and no one knows about them except you!


It’s backed by security advanced technology, so your crypto is inaccessible to anyone else but the holder of specific access codes. You may create your pin numbers during registration or use Google authentication, sms’s , multi signatories signing  and other methods.


No hidden fees, you pay what you see, during your attempt to deposit you will be provided with information like how much do you want to deposit  and the system will calculate how much Bitcoin you will get in return. In order to make purchase you may use credit card, debit, bank deposit and Eft. 


All exchange rates are based on current rates provided by the liquidity partner. And you will receive your crypto currencies as fast as possible and at the best exchange rate. However deposit may vary depending on the market volatility.

Mobile phone and desktop

The secret of successful traders!

Just for the love of Tradingview community, we will be sharing a hidden secret with you which is mostly used by some Forex traders and gurus to fabricate themselves fortunes. There is no more a need in hoping that an angel will come to give you trading signals to make you rich in the market; and also we have thoroughly researched, there is no trading machine that will make money for you, I mean; even if you have the right strategy, the market will always remain cruel, dangerous as it was.  

TRADINGVIEW – Our experts used to spot potential trades for you on a daily basis and also they used to continually analyse the market for you, by sending you messages on telegram, with potential direction of the market , entry, exits , take profits and stop losses points and also you had an opportunity to copy trade us live on your receiver’s terminal.

Time moves, things changes and technology evolve so quickly! That is why we are shifting to a direction that has a potential to liberate few crypto currency traders.


The secret is ; most of successful traders are buying crypto currencies when they are on their lows, being Bitcoin, Ethereum , Zarcoin etc and they hold them for sometimes and later withdraw when they are on their highs. We can typical use an example about Bitcoin, which has been appreciating since its formation by Satoshi Nakomoto.

Frequently asked questions

We are a registered online crypto currency exchange company, users can now safely store, send, receive crypto currencies from others. They may also take advantage on crypto swings to earn.

Our main focus is now on;

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  •  Zarcoin
  • Others

It’s simple, just go to wallets and choose any crypto currency you would like to have a wallet. Then create wallet and done.

On every wallet you are having, when you click it you will then see a Deposit button on the top left corner, Just click deposit and you will be told how much crypto currencies you with your proposed price.

We do not have your secret seed or word, sometimes called recovery words, it is up to every user to make sure they protect them, they can snap shot them, copy them, write them or even saving them to their emails.

No, do not do that, crypto currencies are very volatile, do not use money that you cannot afford to lose. We know that they have a good history of people earning from them and you have a potential to make money currently however we cannot predict the future